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FPT AI Engage

AI virtual assistant to redefine customer experience

Optimize operating expenses and improve customer satisfaction rate in each conversation

92 %

Listen, understand, and respond with an accuracy rate of up to 92%

60 %

Reduce 60% operating costs for Telco

12 millions

Automate 12,000,000+ calls per month

Natural Conversation Flow

Create a conversation flow tailored to each business need that interacts with customers in natural languague

Accurate Understanding and Friendly Response

Understand customer intent and provide instant responses with 100+ synthetic, natural-sounding voice options of gender and regional accents

Limitless Efficiency

Handle thousands of inbound calls in simultaneity. Process hundreds of outbound calls every day. Operate 24/7. Never miss any opportunity to engage with customers

Optimizing Customer Touchpoint

More than a call, the solution provides detailed statistics and analytics on call content, call status, and other indicators, enabling businesses to understand customer insight and increase customer satisfaction

Easy Integration

The solution is easily and quickly integrated into current call center systems for any business in Banking, Finance, Insurance, Retail…
Background section

FPT AI Engage offers a convenient customer experience at every touchpoint that satisfies every need.

A comprehensive solution to automate call center operations and optimize engagement quality with customers, thus, fostering customer delight and creating business breakthroughs. FPT AI Engage can handle both inbound and outbound calls and automate a variety of tasks, tailored to business needs

  • Customer Service

  • Welcome Call

  • Voice Biometrics for Authentication

  • Customer Survey

  • Reminder and Verification

  • Telesales

FPT AI Engage applies state-of-the-art technologies

  • Generative AI

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Machine Learning

  • Automatic Speech Recognition

  • Text-to-Speech

  • Knowledge Base

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Dialogue Management

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