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FPT.AI Vision digitalizes data entry for MB App and MB Family

April 4, 2024

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MB Bank

MB Bank utilizes FPT.AI Vision for automatic extraction

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FPT Digital Retail Joint Stock Company
  • Challenge: Accelerating the data entry process from National IDs for the MB Bank app and the MB Family (“Gia đình tôi yêu”) app.
  • Solution: MB Bank utilizes FPT.AI Vision for automatic extraction and storage of relevant information from the end-user’s national ID.
  • Outcome:
    • A faster, simpler data entry process.
    • Improved customer experience.
    • Reduced costs.

Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank

MB Bank


Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB Bank) is a top-tier bank in Vietnam with numerous awards and accolades over the years from domestic and international institutions such as Top 10 Trusted Commercial Banks of Vietnam, Business with National Brand Products, Top 10 Quality Products Trusted by Vietnamese Consumers, Exemplar Digital Bank etc. Under the vision to “Become the Most Convenient Bank” and to make Top 5 Vietnamese Banking Systems in terms of operational efficiency, MB Bank is a pioneer in the application of technology in business operations, developing a digital banking system with superior benefits to the user. MB Bank possesses market-leading digital products bringing substantial revenue to MB Group and improving customer experience such as the MB Bank App, automatic lending products, the virtual assistant eMBee, and technology-based digital products for e-KYC, customer loyalty, supply chain and logistics.


One of the newest products of MB Bank is MB Family (also known as “Gia đình tôi yêu”), a family-oriented product with benefits for every member. MB Bank is looking for automatic information extraction from member sign-up documents, in particular the National IDs of MB Bank credit card owners. The solution should be fast and accurate, enabling digitalization and acceleration of the data entry process while improving customer experience.


MB Bank has selected FPT.AI Vision and provided positive feedback, especially on the superior recognition accuracy even on old National IDs with poor image quality. The solution has been deployed on mobile devices via the MB Bank App, and currently handles over 5000 requests daily – a figure that is expected to increase.


Previously the data entry process depended entirely on human agents, forcing customers to be present at branches, sometimes multiple times for a single transaction. With FPT.AI Vision all input data are automatically extracted and stored in the system, freeing the customer from the need to visit branches and reducing agents’ workload significantly.


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