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FPT cooperates with the world's leading AI institute Mila

On June 12, FPT and the world's leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Institute Mila signed a partnership agreement virtually in Hanoi (Vietnam) and Montreal (Canada).

Conversation 16.06.2020

Free consultations for businesses' recovery and breakthrough after Covid-19

Muốn tăng 80% năng suất, tiết kiệm 60% chi phí, doanh nghiệp có thể tìm lời giải tại buổi tư vấn trực tuyến 3 gói giải pháp AI của FPT lúc 14h ngày 10/6.

Call Center 11.06.2020
Call Center

Finance and Banking: FPT.AI Virtual Agent led to a 40% boost in productivity

With the emerge of Virtual Agent, customers no longer hear the voice "Press 1 to lock the card" when contacting call centers for finance and banking services.

Conversation 10.06.2020

Chatbots in Insurance industry

The insurance industry has witnessed the massive growth across the globe, despite the disruptions of COVID-19. Insurance companies have to be dynamic and innovative to provide excellent services that meet customers’ needs and expectations. Chatbot has emerged as a useful tool helping businesses to keep up with technology trends and gain competitive advantages.

Conversation 08.06.2020

7 Tips on building chatbots for your brand

The year 2020 witnessed chatbot’s win over businesses. According to an Oracle survey, 80% of businesses want to integrate chatbot into their business processes. Many businesses are looking for smart solutions to build and manage Chatbot in their models. Here’s a look at what to expect and how to take advantage of them.

Conversation 03.06.2020

How to connect API to customer data sources

Every business, from small stores to large-scaled enterprises, has its own customer data sources; and these sources have to be connected to chatbot to personalize and improve customer care. FPT.AI offers a smart chatbot built on FPT.AI Conversation, making this process much faster and easier for businesses.

Conversation 29.05.2020

Chatbot in Healthcare

With the advancements in healthcare facilities and devices, many hospitals and health-care centres have applied technology to operating procedures, in order to reduce strain on staff. Chatbot has become a "special assistant" providing advice and diagnoses, supporting hospitals in patient care.

Call Center 27.05.2020
Call Center

Does digital banking need Virtual Agent for Call center?

The emerging of digital banking is transforming transactional process and customer’s behavior in services. As a crucial tool in this trend, Virtual Agent can handle many automated tasks, helping reduce employees’ workload and enhance customer experience.

Call Center 26.05.2020
Call Center

Virtual Agent – The digital voice assistant in banking

In finance, banks have accelerated technology application in customer service to provide customers with convenience; and an emerging solution that has been integrated into the call centers of many big banks around the world is Virtual Agent for call center.

Vision 25.05.2020

eKYC - The next wave of Banking & Finance in ASEAN

Vietnam also entered the race and stated to offer eKYC digital account opening. This is the first step in its roadmap to develop digital banking and increase the use of technology in banking and finance in the near future.