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Conversation 20.08.2020

5 reasons why businesses should promptly build chatbots

Chatbots can support companies of all sizes and all industries in the automation of the customer service process, lead generation, sales, and more activities. A chatbot is a practical tool for all enterprises, a bridge between businesses and customers to maintain a win-win relationship.

Conversation 19.08.2020

AI application for medium enterprises

Large enterprises and corporations are not the only types of businesses that have enough resources and finance to apply the most advanced AI-powered solutions to their operation. Many medium enterprises have also searched for and deployed suitable AI solutions for their needs and size.

Reader 17.08.2020

OCR - Speed up the digital transformation

OCR is increasingly popular in the world and becomes an effective tool widely used in many fields to have high productivity, save time, and optimize human resources of enterprises.

Reader 17.08.2020

eKYC - A breakthrough in the financial technology revolution

Security, speed, and convenience are at the forefront of the financial technology revolution. Thanks to outstanding advantages, eKYC - electronic Know Your Customer becomes more prominent than the traditional Know Your Customer (KYC) process.


AI - The technology that helps defeat the global economic impact of the pandemic

AI-powered technology solutions allow many contactless activities. Especially in the recession, AI is an outstanding technology, promising to help eliminate the influence of this pandemic on the global economy.

Conversation 10.08.2020

How marketers use Chatbot to boost sales

Chatbots were born and gradually became popular. Many enterprises with business acumen have applied chatbots to their marketing strategies, thereby creating practical effects with huge leaps in sales.

Conversation 04.08.2020

Chatbots send voucher code to customers via API

With FPT.AI Conversation, chatbot script builders can take the initiative in designing the flow, to determine what time and data to interact with the system through JSON API card.

Conversation 03.08.2020

3 significant benefits of chatbot when the Covid-19 outbreak occurs

Complicated Covid-19 pandemic, interruption of business operation, and changes in customer behavior are forcing companies to innovate fast as the urge to adapt to the condition and survive. In this situation, chatbots have clearly shown their advantages and work side by side with businesses to overcome difficulties.

Reader 03.08.2020

Why is eKYC essential in the banking industry?

One of the top criteria for banks to retain customers is to improve service quality and solve all their problems in the most convenient and simple way. eKYC was born and quickly applied in the customer identification process to create great customer experiences.

Reader 31.07.2020

eKYC - The first "brick" of digital banking

While Internet banking only allows customers to carry out some simple actions such as payment, money transfer, account balance inquiry, etc. digital banks can provide many other online services such as bill payment, credit, online savings, etc.