Automate customer engagement with virtual assistants

FPT.AI-Conversation provides applications with a natural language interface. Covering from natural language processing to conversation management, the system offers virtual agents and chatbots that can integrate with and communicate on various platforms.


Convert Vietnamese text and speech with local customization

FPT.AI-Speech enables Vietnamese automatic speech recognition and convert digital text into audio-based interaction with users. FPT.AI Speech opens doors to the unlimited appliances from call center chatbot to voice controlled applications.


Identify content and extract information within an image

FPT.AI Vision makes it possible for apps and services to accurately identify and analyze content within images and videos. With the focus on enabling Cognitive RPA (Robotics Process Automation) for organizations, image recognition, form recognition, and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) are the main capabilities


Provide useful domain knowledge of any industry

FPT.AI Knowledge provides a foundation for machines to learn, abstract and discover rich knowledge resources inside an organization and different specific domain knowledge to create a network of concepts that can be integrated into apps and services.