Use Cases

Digital Transformation requires businesses to deploy the latest technologies to optimize business performance and keep pace with global trends. FPT.AI is proud to be the key to support organizations confidently enter the door of the digital era. We have assisted many domestic and foreign businesses in the areas of Finance – Banking, Insurance, Retail and Healthcare, helping to optimize every aspect of the business from operations, sales, marketing to customer care…

Automated Contact Centers

FPT.AI provides automated call centers, applying state-of-the-art deep learning technology like STT, TTS and NLP that support organizations to handle thousands of calls per day with high productivity at peak time. With an automated contact center, your organization can save human resources, optimize operational costs while enhance customers’ experiences.

Chatbot for Enterprises

Chatbot is now deployed in a wide variety of use cases across multiple industries. FPT.AI Chatbot can improve every part of your businesses including Customer service, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, etc. by interacting with your objectives (i.e your customers) using natural language while ensure that your data always belongs to your ownership.

ID Identification Solutions

One of the biggest challenges corporates face is identifying their customers, so they can comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and other regulatory requirements. The ‘Vision’ Module provides an end-to-end workflow automation by capturing and digitalizing all basic papers such as National ID Card, Driver licenses, Invoices, etc., moving them toward generic forms.