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Chatbot in education – An useful “Virtual Teaching Assistant”

September 21, 2020

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What is AI Chatbot?

Chatbot is a software designed to help computers communicate with Internet users through messages like humans. Currently, many companies are deploying chatbot integrated with AI (Artificial Intelligence) in customer service.

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that allows computer programs to be smarter over time with Machine Learning. Thanks to Machine Learning technology, chatbot can understand messages from users, correctly determine the intent and give accurate responses to them.

Why should every educational institution own an AI Chatbot?

Chatbot is an interesting and modern means self-study

The most useful application of chatbot in education is the modern means of learning. Chatbot can be designed with Q&A scenarios according to the lectures. For each student with different needs, Chatbot can actively provide learning materials and topics through text, images, videos, documents, etc.

Chatbot can be used to test students, give questions to students and ask them to answer. Students’ responses will be recorded and submitted to teachers. This method of self-study creates much more excitement than the traditional self-study model, and at the same time, the knowledge test is done automatically and easily for both students and teachers.

Chatbot increases interaction with students

From Generation Z onwards, students become more familiar with technology than ever before. Instant messages, virtual assistants and social media have become a part of their life. Students use technology not only for entertainment but also for other important tasks such as searching and exchanging information, especially for learning materials. The educational chatbot provides useful information, meets the needs to receive information anytime, anywhere of students.

Teachers can install scenarios for Chatbot to send notifications to a group or all students about a specific topic such as homework, deadlines, important lessons, or upcoming event. Students do not need to contact their teachers and wait a few hours for the above information. They can send a message directly to an educational Chatbot and get the answer in real time.

Chatbot FPT.AI

Chatbot is a dedicated virtual teaching assistant 

Teachers usually have to work directly with 30-45 students and instruct students quickly, which often makes them overwhelmed. At the same time, students often have to study by themselves or wait a few days to a week for feedback from teachers. Therefore, both students and teachers are under pressure. Students are unable to do their homework on time while teachers do not have time to improve the quality of their lessons.

The educational chatbot can act as a dedicated personal tutor for each student, helping teachers respond to students with everyday tasks.

• Chatbot can be designed with a scenario about frequently asked questions such as teaching plan, class schedule, exam schedule, submission deadlines.

• Chatbot can track the learning and self-study progress.

• Chatbot can give comments and feedback to each student.

• Chatbot can provide personalized suggestions on courses and materials for each student.

In Vietnam, FPT.AI Conversation is the platform that allows building smart Chatbot integrated with Artificial Intelligence Technology and the best Vietnamese natural language processing. Bot creation interface of FPT.AI is so simple with drag and drop actions, easy customization that anyone can quickly build a chatbot to meet individual needs with no need to be an engineer or coder.

Every educational organization needs to consider the importance of technology and apply AI solutions to the modern teaching model for young people. The future is technology. Early access and hands-on experience are one of the best ways to help the young generation to integrate into the strong 4th industrial revolution around the world.


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