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Deputy Minister Phan Tam: ‘FPT Smart Cloud contributes to the value of Vietnam’

February 19, 2021

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FPT Smart Cloud started an exciting year of the Ox by a visit from Deputy Minister of Information and Communication – Phan Tam – and Deputy Director of Information Technology – To Thi Thu Huong. 


The meaningful Vietnamese calligraphy that Deputy Minister Phan Tam sent to the product development team. 

Vice Director of FPT and President of FPT Smart Cloud Nguyen The Phuong, with CEO Le Hong Viet, warmly welcomed them. Deputy Minister Phan Tam sent a calligraphy as a meaningful New Year’s gift to the product development team, which wished the company a prosperous and successful business. 

Deputy Minister Phan Tam noted: “In the digital era, units like FPT Smart Cloud are very important since you own and create new value for big data sources. In this field, people are a crucial factor, so I hope that you will be creative, adapt and overcome challenges to keep moving forwards.” 

Then, the Deputy Minister and FPT Smart Cloud’s executives from both regions (Hanoi and HCM City) discussed closely and straightforwardly the achievements of FPT and FPT Smart Cloud in 2020. Mr. Le Hong Viet also shared experience and challenges of businesses in the IT field in Vietnam. The Deputy Minister also highly appreciated the continuous contribution of FPT Corporation in several years to the national digital transformation, as well as the achievements and diverse ecosystem that FPT had created. 

FPT Smart Cloud is the 8th member company of FPT corporation, which focuses on Could and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – the core technologies to accelerate digital transformation, help organizations and businesses optimize operations and achieve performance breakthroughs. FPT Smart Cloud is expected to make highlights and become the market leader in the next 5 years by focusing on building solid technology platforms, developing the diverse product ecosystem and widen the global network. 


The Deputy Minister highly appreciated the effort, contribution of FPT Corporation and FPT Smart Cloud in the past several years.

In early February, FPT Smart Cloud and Southeast Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SeABank) officially had a strategic partnership agreement in Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. Thus, SeABank became the first unit in Vietnam’s banking system to deploy FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center, providing seamless experience to customers, boosting operational productivity and ensuring uninterrupted customer support in the complicated situation of Covid-19 today. 

In 2020, FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center was also deployed by Home Credit Vietnam in call centers, meeting the needs of hundreds of thousands of customers automatically, from answering questions to reminding payment schedules. After 3 months of operation, the solution helped Home Credit Vietnam achieve initial success, for example, automatically making 2 millions calls with customers per month with the call duration of 1-2 minutes, and increase operational performance of this financial company by 40%.

With the initial brilliant achievements of FPT Smart Cloud, Deputy Minister Phan Tam expressed his belief in a prosperous digital future and the development of the IT industry in Vietnam through the “Make in Vietnam” strategy.


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