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How AI applications can help businesses save money

July 13, 2020

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Besides features and advantages, saving costs when using AI was a big concern of businesses in the consultation with FPT experts.

On June 10, the first online consultation on Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions organized by FPT attracted more than 30 enterprises and organizations to register to attend. The event is in a series of free online consultations on digital transformation held to help companies apply technology effectively, recover and have a breakthrough after the crisis.

In addition to detailed introduction and demo on how to operate the product, FPT.AI experts in 3 consulting rooms answered questions of representatives from businesses that initially applied the Artificial Intelligence platform.

Regarding features and advantages of smart chatbots, FPT representative said that chatbots could learn to become smarter after every conversation with customers. Understanding user psychology and preference, it will automatically give appropriate advice.

FPT.AI Chatbot can be integrated on social networks, websites in the form of livechat, or developed according to the needs of each business. Fast and easy deployment on systems through available APIs of FPT.AI helps internal activities enhance efficiency, save time and human resources in handling repetitive tasks.

Also, business representatives are interested in the problem of chatbot initialization costs. FPT experts answered that FPT.AI does not require initialization cost and infrastructure. Enterprises can deploy on 2 models, Cloud or On-premise, which are regularly updated with new features. “The service cost is low, and the payment according to demand is very suitable for small enterprises”, the representative emphasized.


Interface simulating how FPT.AI operates.

Besides, some businesses have questioned how FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center differs from the regular agents.

According to FPT, this is a voicebot with superior Vietnamese processing technology thanks to the application of advanced technologies such as voice recognition and synthesis, natural language processing, context management with a voice similar to humans. Therefore, it easily makes hundreds of outbound calls to customers with personalized content to inform and provide information about new products, services, promotions, or events, surveys, reminders, etc.

Besides, Virtual Agent for Call Center also has the ability to respond to inbound calls, consult, answer popular questions, make or cancel appointments, etc. At the same time, it can navigate and lead customers to access products and services; connect departments that customers need. The system is equipped with a variety of voices and phonics, helping businesses choose the right voice for their fields.

FPT experts, having experience in consulting on digital operating solutions in many fields, said that small and medium companies often have 100 to hundreds of calls simultaneously. Particularly, FPT Virtual Agent for Call Center can expand to an unlimited number of calls according to customers’ needs.

For example, some businesses and organizations using this solution said that it helps reduce 30-50% of operating, personnel and management costs. “The decrease in the percentage of call latency means an increase in customer experience”, he said.

However, representatives of some businesses were hesitant about the process and cost of implementing the system in the small and medium business model. FPT’s representative emphasized that deploying Virtual Agent only takes from 1 to 2 months, including time for integrating into call centers; building scripts for bots; User Acceptance Testing (UAT); Golive. The cost of a smart call center agent is based on the number of minutes of a call.

Trợ lý ảo tổng đài FPT.AI

A customer makes a call with FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center.

For companies that need to handle large volumes of documents daily such as banks, financial institutions, representatives of FPT.AI suggest FPT AI Vision solution. The system automates processes of identifying and extracting multilingual information from images, e.g. identity card, driver’s license, or forms and invoices.

In particular, FPT.AI Vision’s outstanding application, eKYC – electronic Know Your Customer, is currently used in many large banks such as TPBank, MBBank, etc. It is helping companies to avoid risks during the customer authentication process, detect cases of using 3D masks or video playback, increase accuracy, speed, convenience for document processing and user experience.

A transportation business representative continued to question the cost of product and deployment time. According to FPT experts, FPT.AI Vision technology does not take time to deploy, so businesses can immediately use it. It helps reduce up to 70% of manual data entry time with high accuracy and easy detection of new papers thanks to core technology. The cost is based on the number of photos that need to be extracted to the system or the number of transactions that customers have successfully verified.


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