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How marketers use Chatbot to boost sales

August 10, 2020

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Being built on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), a chatbot can understand users’ intent and automatically respond. Therefore, chatbots are widely used in customer service to consult and answer customers’ questions.

Companies can integrate chatbots into many communication channels, use them as steady bridges between businesses and customers. In particular, many enterprises use chatbots as effective marketing tools in their campaigns to reach target customers.

So, how have chatbots helped marketers increase sales? Here are 3 outstanding features of chatbots, which contribute to the significant growth in sales.

Chatbot – Filtering customers by the “funnel” model

For marketers, a good service must ensure that customers are cared enough from the first step to retain those who really need to buy products so that they quickly move to the order/purchase step. And a chatbot is the one that can lead customers to meet their needs.

A chatbot is an effective tool for marketers to select customers according to the “funnel” model.

Chatbot FPT.AI

At the mouth of the funnel, chatbots are used to attract customers with appealing promotions, offers and discounts. Businesses can display chatbots on the website homepage, integrate chatbots into Facebook, Zalo, Viber fanpage, or any owned communication channels to reach customers.

Customers who are interested in products and services are filtered at the body of the funnel. At this stage, chatbots shine and show their intelligence. They become enthusiastic consultants, provide all necessary information about products/services that meet the needs of customers, ensure that customers have full access to information, and help customers easily make buying decisions.

Real potential customers are at the bottom of the funnel. Chatbots help customers go to buy/order or make an appointment step. Thanks to chatbots, the conversion will be faster. Besides, chatbots can also collect customer information and store them in the CRM system, creating valuable customer database.

In Vietnam, SHB Finance is using FPT.AI’s chatbot to filter out customers who really need credit. They will provide full information such as Name, ID number, Date of birth, Place of residence, and phone number. Their information will be collected and consultants will call them for more information. During 3 months of implementation, SHB Finance’s virtual staff “Sau Tai Chinh” consulted for thousands of customers. It answered correctly up to 90% of customer inquiries and bring 10% of the total number of potential customers on online marketing channels.

Chatbot – Easily make statistics and measure the efficiency

In every marketing plan, measuring and evaluating the effectiveness are great concerns of marketers. Efficiency cannot be measured clearly for all forms of advertising. However, chatbot definitely can do that.

Since chatbots have order/book appointments feature, businesses can easily measure the effectiveness as well as sales that chatbot has directly made.

A typical example of a sales chatbot in e-commerce is Pika chatbot of FPT Shop. Pika Chatbot is built on the Artificial Intelligence of FPT.AI and officially put into use in November 2018. Since FPT Shop considers Pika chatbot as an effective sales assistant, Pika is continuously being “trained” to become smarter. Up to now, Pika chatbot has helped FPT Shop handle hundreds of thousands of customer questions every day. The revenue on the fanpage via chatbot within 6 months is up to billions of dong.

Chatbot FPT.AI

Besides, with the FPT.AI Conversation administration UI, marketers can see how actively chatbots work in the Statistics section. In this section, marketers can capture how many people chatbots have supported, the number of new users, how many user’s intentions that chatbots have correctly understood, which intentions are asked most frequently, and what time customers often communicate with bots, etc. As a result, marketers can make adjustments and appropriate, highly effective marketing strategies.

Chatbot – Automatically provide personalized content to each customer

In every marketing campaign, businesses always want to personalize their products/services and create unique experiences for each customer, and chatbots are good at that.

Not only do chatbots personalize customers by name but they also can communicate with customers in certain contexts to provide seamless and natural conversations. Chatbots can introduce products to customers, as well as providing the latest and most detailed information about products in real time such as the quantity of inventory, or products are in-stock in what branches, etc. In essence, each customer will receive advice from a personalized chatbot according to their concerns, needs, preferences, etc, and chatbots can simultaneously consult hundreds of thousands of customers at the same time.

Chatbot is gradually becoming an indispensable tool for every business around the world. With the infinite potential of AI, investing in chatbot right now is the right decision for businesses to quickly save operating costs and increase revenue, and create sustainable value for the development in the future.


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