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How to use chatbot to improve customer service

September 5, 2020

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Continuously improving the quality of business customer service ensures sustainable business development. Businesses that value customer service often generate higher revenue than their competitors with poor service quality. AI-based Chatbot is quickly introduced by many businesses in the field of customer care to chat with customers in real time, enhance interaction with customers, building brand reputation. Even with or without human consultant, chatbot is still active around the clock to take care of customers accessing online.

Here are 3 ways chatbots help businesses improve customer service.

1.     Improve chatbot communication based on bot’s actual chat history with customers

Chatbots are not human and they cannot replace humans. The understanding of the chatbot depends on the scenario and the pre-trained data. Therefore, when a customer communicates with the bot with a new question, or asks about an unknown chatbot product / service, it is obvious that the chatbot will not be able to respond correctly.

With Machine Learning technology, chatbots built on the FPT.AI Artificial Intelligence platform have the ability to become smarter over time when regularly trained. Based on the actual chat history with customers, the bot creator can “teach” the chatbot every day. The next time, when the customer uses the same question, chatbot can completely determine users’ intentions and give appropriate feedback.

Chatbot FPT.AI

FPT.AI Conversation Creating Chatbot interface

In the FPT.AI chatbot building platform, the bot creator can add a variety of user sentences in the Sample section. The more Sample are taught, the more accurate the bot understands the user’s intents.

2. Chatbot offers a variety of recommendations that are personalized and based on the actual needs of the user

Every customer interacting with your business has a different need/problem that your business must meet. In the process of consulting information about products / services, chatbot can completely personalize users based on the information provided by customers such as name, gender, geographic location … and actual needs about products that customers  interested.

Chatbot can ask users questions about preferences and style to display appropriate recommendations, and lead customers in the right direction to the most suitable product. For example, when customers are interested in brand A’s headphones, chatbot can give careful advice about product A, and at the same time offer a few headphone products of other brands for customers so that there is a comparison and variety of choices.

Using the user data flexibly will help chatbot bring customers a smooth experience, easily increase conversion rates.

3. Chatbot performs a complete conversation

Many businesses build chatbots and stop at the greeting customers step, asking what the problem is, but not offering an effective problem-solving plan, not consulting to the final product or the most suitable service to satisfy the needs of customers. That discourages customers and they will leave your business.

A well-built conversation must thoroughly solve the customer’s problem. From the first greeting step to reaching the problem customers are interested in and how to solve it, the bot creator must fully cover.

Before embarking on setting up the bot, the bot creator must build a complete conversation stream in the form of a tree diagram, including the main problem the chatbot will solve, the steps the chatbot will take when communicating with users, the connection between the steps, the sequence of steps … When there is a logical flow of conversation, the chatbot can completely advise and lead customers to completely solve the problem, bringing satisfaction to customers.


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