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Practical applications of OCR

December 18, 2019

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1. Supporting the life of the elderly and visually impaired

In the 1970s, Kurzweil Computer Products Inc. of the United States created the first Omni font system in the world. OCR software can recognize this font. Immediately, OCR technology has been integrated with speech synthesis technology, making it capable of reading and understanding text.

In other words, the text is not only decoded by the OCR software but is also read out by the speech synthesis engine. The computerized voice has been applied to reading text in books, newspapers, magazines for the elderly and the visually impaired, making their lives easier.

2. Arranging documents in law firms and courts

In each case, the legal documents, records are plenty and complicated. To make sure not to miss any important details or documents, lawyers must organize and search for a long time.

Thanks to OCR software, lawyers can digitize all documents very quickly. When needed, they easily find documents by keyword, date, file name… in a simple, convenient and scientific way. This means that lawyers do not have to hire many assistants to perform manual tasks, but still ensure monitoring of the work.

3. Preserving valuable documents

Ancient libraries, historical-cultural centers or museums… are places that store a lot of manuscripts, documents, memoirs… The process of storing and preserving these documents is not easy. They are prone to termites and damage over time. Accurate and full manual input of a huge amount of text is extremely difficult and hard, which can take decades.

However, OCR technology was born to help many organizations solve that problem in a simpler way. Important documents have been converted from paper forms into soft files, making it easier to store and preserve many literary heritages.

4. Personal identification

When registering for a bank account, opening a membership card or any other actions that require identity verification, you must provide accurate and complete personal information to the partners. The declaration process takes quite a bit of time for you and the service provider. Sometimes, wrong data entry leads to unnecessary problems later.

With OCR software, legal documents such as identity cards, passports, driver’s licenses and many other documents can be quickly scanned by notary offices, police offices, airports and more organizations and services that need to process personal information. For personal documents that have not too many characters, OCR technology has the ability to accurately identify almost absolute, minimizing input errors. Moreover, the identification and extraction of information by machines helps agencies, units and organizations easily store information and can retrieve user information at any time.

5. Processing invoices and many types of documents

All agencies and organizations have thousands of papers and documents, with many different formats such as printed/handwritten documents on paper, PDF, JPG, etc. either that data gets into the system, or it takes a lot of time to process that unending volume of paper. Moreover, the probability of errors in data entry is quite large.

Many agencies and organizations choose to convert contracts, invoices, vouchers and many other papers into digital documents, in order to easily use that data for financial statements, to store or exchange documents. And OCR software is a great choice.

Currently, more than 60% of large companies worldwide have used OCR to enter data for many steps in business processes. OCR technology allows companies to automatically store data on the system, easily integrate, convert or link to another platform such as via email, fax or traditional EDI.

OCR technology is becoming more and more popular by the utilities that it brings to both organizations and users alike. In the near future, OCR will be integrated with many other advanced technologies, to create breakthrough products for many human activities.

In Vietnam, one of the products with integrated OCR technology with the highest accuracy in the market is FPT.AI Vision, developed by the FPT Technology Innovation Department, under FPT Corporation. This is a solution to identify and extract information on personal documents such as identity card, driver’s license, passport… with an accuracy of up to 98%, leading the market in recognition quality.

In addition, OCR technology of FPT.AI also has the ability to identify and extract information on papers such as invoices, contracts and many specific requirements depending on the needs of each partner. FPT.AI Vision helps businesses digitize documents and identify customer information quickly. Thanks to OCR, data entry time is shortened, information is highly accurate, saving time, effort and operating costs.


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