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Virtual agents automatically receive orders in business

May 31, 2022

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1.      Remarkable benefits of Virtual sales agents

Virtual agents for call centers boost business efficiency

After customers make their purchases on websites or social media, AI Virtual agents automatically call them to confirm and notify delivery time. With this feature, Virtual agents for call centers help businesses to filter fake orders (fake phone numbers, addresses, etc.) and orders that are predicted to fail because customers place wrong orders or change their minds, etc. Thanks to that, businesses can reduce the rate of fake orders, as well as increase revenue, and cut costs.

Moreover, AI-based virtual agents can make a large number of calls at the same time. This is an outstanding benefit of Virtual agent adoption in selling compared with other traditional methods, ensuring smooth operations even in peak times. 

Besides, adopting virtual agents ease the burden for salespeople, allowing them to focus on more complicated tasks.

Virtual agents help businesses easily control calls for order

AI Virtual agents are faster in the reporting task than humans. Their reports are updated in real-time, helping businesses to track order status, and give the fastest and most accurate predictions and responses as well.

Besides, when using human employees to receive orders, administrators have to spend at least 30 minutes monitoring call quality by listening again and assessing calls according to dozens of criteria. Since this process is manual and takes only a few samples, its results cannot be representative and time-consuming. However, with automatic virtual agents, every call is scored according to average processing time, handover duration, etc. Thus, businesses can easily control calls for order.

2.     How to implement automatic virtual agents for call centers 

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Commonly there are 4 steps in the process to implement Virtual agents for call centers to receive orders:

Step 1: After customers give their information through sale channels, the orders will be saved in Google Sheet or CRM systems of businesses.

Step 2: With Google Sheet, businesses can change updating duration, for example, automatically update data each 15-30 minutes. Meanwhile, with CRM, data is synchronized through API.

Step 3: Virtual agents automatically call customers to confirm information, including ordered products, quantity, payment method, as well as notify delivery time.

Step 4: After receiving customers’ responses, Virtual agents will send information to sellers in no time.

3.     Why should FPT.AI Virtual agent for the call center be used to receive orders automatically?

Up to now, many businesses in Vietnam have applied Virtual agents for Call centers by FPT Smart Cloud to their business activities and the process of receiving orders. So why does FPT.AI Virtual agent become the top choice of business? 

The integration with state-of-the-art technologies in the market: Having a trio of technologies, including Voice recognition, Voice synthesis, and Natural language processing, the FPT.AI Virtual agent can understand customers’ intent accurately and quickly give appropriate answers. 

Instant scalability: With FPT.AI virtual agent, businesses can scale up their customer services effortlessly without worrying about overload at peak hours. 

Fast integration: The solution can be integrated into available call center systems of business, or implemented on mobile devices to work online. Thus, the virtual agent can interact with customers at any time: during/outside working hours, weekends, public holidays, etc. 

It can be seen that the adoption of AI-powered virtual agents has helped to simplify the order receiving process. With 3 outstanding strengths above, FPT.AI Virtual agent for call center is the optimal solution for businesses to optimize human resources and cut costs, being closer to the goal of boosting business efficiency.


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