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Use JSON API card to build a powerful chatbot

December 9, 2020

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What is JSON API?

What is JSON? JSON stands for Javascript Object Notation. It is one of the most popular formats to transmit data, which means to retrieve data in real time from a source, then bring it back and display it on another source. 

What is JSON API? Data in JSON format is transmitted from one place to another via a data interchange tool called API. Thus, JSON API allows you to retrieve data automatically from another server to use for your bot. 

On the chatbot creation platform FPT.AI Conversation, JSON API card works through this process:

          Step 1: Users chat with your bot

          Step 2: Users go to the point that has JSON API setting in the conversation flow

          Step 3: JSON API card stimulates your bot to use API to “call” the predetermined server, bot receives its needed data (in JSON format)

          Step 4: Bot brings data in JSON format back to FPT.AI Conversation

          Step 5: FPT.AI Conversation displays that information in the conversations with users.

It seems to take much time, but these 5 steps take place immediately in just 1 second to give customers their needed responses. 

Why should API JSON be used in chatbots?

JSON API card allows businesses to build bots for many important tasks. For example, your business wants to connect a chatbot with the inventory system to continuously update customers on the latest price and inventory status, etc. If API JSON card is not used, the ability of bots will have many limitations. Businesses will have to update for bots the data on price and inventory number of each product, from time to time. Any change in product information has to be updated manually for bots to answer customers. This will waste a large amount of time and human resources of businesses. 

In reality, at the beginning of March, when Covid-19 pandemic outbreak started in Vietnam, FPT.AI collaborated with the Information Technology Department of the Ministry of Health to build a chatbot against Covid-19 pandemic. Besides answering citizens’ questions about SARS CoV-2 virus, the chatbot also kept updating on the number of infectious cases in the country and in the world, which is the concern of many citizens. 

To achieve that, instead of updating manually, FPT.AI used JSON API card to connect the Covid-19 prevention chatbot with the Ministry of Health’s official website to update the statistics in the country, and with the official website of WHO to update global numbers. The chatbot automatically retrieved real-time statistics to answer users. Thus, citizens were provided with instant and accurate information. 

Chatbot FPT.AI

JSON API card will help your businesses to: 

          Save time: Perform many tasks to provide information to users immediately, automatically update real-time data, employees will save time and effort spent on manual tasks. 

          More helpful for users: Users can search for more information, receive information more flexibly and efficiently. 

          Provide personalized experience: Since JSON API helps chatbots to retrieve information from database, they provide personalized experiences according to each user, making the conversational experiences more interesting. 

Popular use cases of JSON API card

JSON API makes your business’s chatbot more powerful, versatile and flexible. Some popular use cases of JSON API card that obtain significant efficiency are: 

E-commerce: Chatbot can be integrated into many messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Zalo, Viber, Livechat, etc. Therefore, with the integration between e-stores and chatbots, customers can search for product information while chatting with chatbots and do not need to switch to other tabs. Customers can update on prices, designs, colors, and inventory status of all products synchronously and quickly. 

JSON API card helps businesses to perform tasks that have a time limit. For example, businesses are running promotions in a short time for Christmas. JSON API card will connect customers to the promotion fast and stop providing it when the program ends. Employees do not need to enter into bots hundreds, or even thousands of products, with various designs and colors, and also get rid of deleting or updating each product manually again after the promotions.

Marketing and Sales: Connect customers with CRM systems is one of the important tasks of chatbots, helping customers to automatically look up information about the products/services they are using. For example, the chatbot of VietinBank Insurance allows customers to access CRM through JSON API card to look up information about insurance contracts, claim status, contract renewal, etc. 

Chatbot FPT.AI

Scheduling appointments: You can use JSON API card that connects with your schedule to make appointments without any overlap. It is a very useful feature for such businesses as clinics, spas, hair salons, etc.  

To set up JSON API card, see the detailed instruction here

JSON API card is a simple but powerful feature that helps chatbots connect with external sources, bringing automatic and flexible experiences for both businesses and users. 


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