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Using Chatbot Messenger to replace Mobile Apps

January 9, 2020

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A series of Apps are launched to connect businesses with customers

Recently, enterprises operating in many fields have launched mobile applications (mobile apps), especially in the field of news, finance, tourism, etc. These applications are created with the main purpose of connecting enterprises with customers and bringing a better experience to customers.


With applications of networks like Mobifone, Viettel, you can look up the subscription information, recharge, check your account balance, search the 3G/4G capacity, etc. The explosion of mobile apps is also partly due to the low price of smartphones in the market, and with only 1.5-2 million doing, anyone can own a smartphone.

However, the number of users of these applications is often uneven and the usage time of applications is very low. In contrast, messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or Zalo Chat have a huge usage time. According to statistics, every day 1 person spends 4-12 hours to use the mobile phone, and the average time is about 6 hours/day. In particular, the time of using messaging applications like Facebook and Zalo accounts for about 1 hour/day.

The question is: Why is the time spent using applications invested in billions of VND to develop so low?

Weak interaction – the problem that current apps are facing

The answer here is that most Mobile Apps only bring the one-way interaction. It is from the business to their customers. Users download these applications to receive notifications of account balance changes, promotions, etc. And the biggest obstacle for businesses is how to increase the number of application users.


Those who are not official customers cannot connect to the business through the application. Potential customers will be connected via another channel, which is a big waste.

Users also cannot chat with counselors, who take care of customers through apps right on their phones. There is no strong interaction from both sides, people and businesses through these applications. When a promotion is available, users will receive a notification from the app, but many people do not like this because they download the app and use it only 1-2 times, then delete the app or turn off all notifications of the application. Therefore, the connection between businesses and customers through the application is quite “fragile”.

Chatbot Messenger – the solution for businesses

With the advantage of having billions of users every month and having high usage time, Facebook Messenger becomes the most used messaging application. The launch of Chatbots marked a long step and a historic turning point in the field of Marketing as well as customer care. With the message opening rate of up to 85%, 8-10 times as high as that of email marketing or SMS marketing, Chatbot Messenger Marketing is undoubtedly the best customer accessing solution available today.


Many medium and small enterprises do not have enough money to create an application on the phone. And Chatbot Messenger becomes a free adn great solution to connect businesses with customers. Customers can find out information about the enterprises’ services and products through chatbots built. Bots also have the ability to operate 24/24 during 365 days without any rest, and can take care of customers anytime as well as anywhere. Chatbots also save the cost of customer care and reduce the cost of customer service of enterprises.

Combining Chatbots with Mobile Apps, why not?

Can chatbots replace mobile apps? The answer is that it is possible. However, many businesses have spent a large amount of money to invest and build these applications, so they should not replace applications created with chatbots. Combining chatbots into your apps to increase connectivity and interaction between customers and businesses, it helps to increase the professionalism and reduce the workload for the customer service department of your business.

For small and medium enterprises, using chatbots to connect with customers also brings similar benefits. Not only that, but Chatbot Messenger Marketing will also help businesses increase their competitiveness and have ability to serve larger and better customers with less cost.

Being the platform of creating Chatbots applying the artificial intelligence with the most advanced technology of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing/Understanding – NLP/NLU, FPT.AI Conversation allows bot creators to build different chat scenarios with customers and track the chat history so that chatbots can understand and interact with customers naturally and closely. Chatbots are integrated on popular messaging interfaces such as Facebook Messenger, Zalo, livechat on the website or any application, and available chat interfaces of the business. FPT.AI Chatbots are an effective marketing and remarketing tool with the ability to send mass notifications to customer data, personalize messages for each type of audiences. In addition, the data analysis system of chatbots helps bot creators assess the chatbot’s accuracy, “train” chatbots to become smarter, and at the same time make an assessment of the information that chatbots obtained from users, helping businesses have a better insight into what customers really want.

— FPT.AI Conversation – The platform of creating chatbots using artificial intelligence technology

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