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Why marketing and sales need chatbot?

October 8, 2020

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FPT.AI chatbot built on FPT.AI Artificial Intelligence and integrated with Natural Language Processing (NLP) has proven its flexibility in understanding user intent and providing accurate responses to customers.

FPT.AI chatbot automates many business processes, quickly conducts customer services, contributes to the increase in sales, supports launching marketing campaigns and raising brand awareness.

Here are the reasons why businesses should use FPT.AI chatbot for marketing and sales:

Chatbot personalizes customer experience

When setting up scenarios for FPT.AI chatbot, bot creators can personalize customer information by variable setting. Chatbot identifies the values of variables such as name, phone number, ID card, etc., then give each customer personalized responses. Based on the information provided by customers, businesses can collect data about all customers interacting, on all social media channels integrated with chatbot.

In particular, chatbot built on the FPT.AI Artificial Intelligence platform can automatically Tag topics that customers are interested in. When they mention tagged topics, chatbot will synthesize the most 3 popular topics among them. In the future, based on the search history and preferences of each customer, chatbot can send them the products/services of their interest.

Chatbot FPT.AI

See how to set up Tag topic card for bot Here.

Chatbots increase customer interaction

FPT.AI chatbot is set up with many different features. It can answer frequently asked questions, introduce products/services, navigate customers to purchase step, provide order information, carry out payment step, etc. Therefore, customers can interact with bot to handle many different problems automatically and quickly.

Through the customer interaction process, chatbot indirectly or directly contributes to the sales increase following up-sell and cross-sell strategy.

Chatbot expands the reach of business

Because chatbot can be easily integrated into many communication channels such as Facebook Messenger, Livechat of Website, Zalo, Viber, etc. its reach is unlimited.

In particular, with the ability to analyze and capture customers’ demographics on each messaging platform, chatbot helps businesses serve customers more effectively and opens up more opportunities to improve sales.

Chatbot can collect and analyze data

All businesses understand that customers need motivation to provide personal information in surveys and purchase forms. In many cases, customers are required to provide personal data to perform queries. For example, when customers want to query compensation contracts, VietinBank Insurance chatbot will ask them to fill in the accurate full name, date of birth, ID Card, etc. Chatbot only gives results to customers when they provide correct personal information. Chatbot FPT.AI

Besides that, many businesses also use chatbots to collect customer information by naturally asking a series of questions. For example, when customers want a credit loan, “Sau Tai Chinh”, SHB Finance’s chatbot, will require them to provide all necessary information. Then, customers’ loan profiles will be synthesized and evaluated by professional consultants.

Chatbot automatically takes care of customers

Customer support is an important task for every business in the service sector. Nurturing and taking care of a customer consumes a lot of time and resources. Chatbot was born to support customers from the very first step to the order completion. Thanks to chatbot, the buying process can be done automatically. Moreover, chatbot can also undertake customer service in the post-purchase step and the future.

Chatbot actively interacts with customers

Human supporters may passively handle requests from customers. FPT.AI chatbot is programmed to avoid this situation with scenarios that automatically send notifications and answer frequently asked questions. The speedy and instant interaction of chatbot contributes to positive customer experiences.

Chatbot helps business build a strong brand image

Besides the ability to work 24/7/365, marketing chatbot helps brands stay fresh and dynamic with modern technology experiences. The vision in the application of the most advanced technology solutions to the simplest jobs creates points of difference for businesses.

Set up chatbot to have an attractive personality

In addition to data training to make chatbot smarter over time, bot creators can train it to be more attractive. Regularly updating and improving data will make bot interaction more interesting, thereby having deeper contact with customers without boredom. A chatbot with personality, emotions will create a better impression and increase the return rate.

FPT.AI Chatbot is increasingly integrated with more modern technologies, helping to solve practical problems of each enterprise. Businesses can start to set up a chatbot for their businesses right now in this simple bot setup interface.

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