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Banking: AI Technology Is Shaping The Future

According to experts, the explosion of AI in banking around the globe is expected to create $1 trillion in annual value. The development of AI drives the banking industry to transform powerfully, enhancing experiences for new generations of customers in the 4.0 era.

Reader 17.11.2021

Facial Recognition Technology in Banking

Facial recognition is increasingly popular, starting with its use case in Face ID on smartphones. Many banks have been taking advantage of its convenience and personalization when using it in a wide range of customer services.

Conversation 17.11.2021

Easy way to create chatbot scenarios with Bot Builder

In order to provide a simpler chatbot creation tool, FPT.AI Conversation has launched Bot Builder feature, which helps users design scenarios for chatbot quickly, conveniently and effortlessly.

Call Center 09.11.2021
Call Center

FPT.AI pioneers in AI-powered solutions for digitalization in the pharmaceutical industry

Boston Pharma has become the first pharma company to start digital transformation as it recently collaborated with FPT.AI, in order to implement Virtual Agent for Call Center in customer service, thereby impressively boosting productivity.

Call Center 09.11.2021
Call Center

Virtual Agent for Call Center - Turn challenges into opportunities

As Covid-19 causes unprecedented negative effects on economies around the world including Vietnam’s, businesses need to quickly transform in the "new normal", accelerate technology adoption in their operations and get ready for digital transformation. FPT.AI virtual agents for call centers, integrated with the most advanced Artificial Intelligence technology, is an optimal tool for digital transformation in call center systems.

Call Center 03.11.2021
Call Center

AI-based Virtual Assistants powerfully support The Global Healthcare Industry

Covid-19 pandemic is prolonged and complicated. Many technology solutions have been implemented to support the healthcare industry to help control the situation and prevent infection. AI-powered voicebot is one of the most advanced tech solutions that is being used by many countries to prevent and control the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speech to Text 03.11.2021
Speech to Text

Vietnamese AI voice - New achievement of Vietnamese AI experts

The potential and diverse use cases of AI voices drive leading tech companies to create high-quality Vietnamese ones. Recently, FPT.AI has launched AceSound technology - a leap in AI voice synthesized from natural language.


FPT.AI enhances Virtual Agent for Call Center with Voice Technology AceSound

The boom of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has driven new technologies with breathtaking power, including voice synthesis technology used in call center operations. FPT.AI has launched a new generation of Vietnamese-based AI voice, which is outstanding in quality thanks to the most advanced voice tech today - AceSound.


FPT Chairman talks with the AI “Godfather”

Mr.Truong Gia Binh, FPT Chairman, shared his dream and AI ambition with Prof.Yoshua Bengio, the leading AI scientist in the world.