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Conversation 26.11.2020

5 key factors to consider when choosing a chatbot

With the development of Artificial Technology (AI), there are many Chatbot providers in the market. However, when the requirement for experience with chatbots is becoming higher, choosing a Chatbot provider causes a headache for businesses.

Conversation 25.11.2020

5 biggest mistakes many companies make with chatbots

Like other AI-powered solutions, chatbots have been an important tech trend. More and more businesses are using chatbots to interact with customers, automatically solve user problems and boost sales.


FPT.AI performs the most superior solutions at Techday 2020

FPT Techday 2020 is expected to create breakthroughs in business transformation and make the most of the collaboration between human and machine intelligence. FPT.AI is one of the key units of the corporation, specializes in researching and developing technology solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), brings practical leaps to businesses participating in the exhibition at the event.

Conversation 24.11.2020

4 ways to increase sales with Facebook chatbots

In recent years, chatbots with Artificial Intelligence (AI) have become smarter and more useful. Not only e-commerce businesses but small and medium enterprises (SME) are also using chatbots to boost sales.

Reader 11.11.2020

Digitize documents with AI in Finance sector

In the field of Finance - Banking - Insurance, many important processes are still being conducted on papers. However, large businesses have made some significant moves in digitization to prepare for breakthroughs and automation in the next few years by applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.

Reader 11.11.2020

How OCR is changing Big Data in Finance - Banking industry

The finance - banking sector has strict rules and regulations for data management and processing. To manage a large amount of data optimally and accurately, finance - banking businesses have come to Optical Character Recognition solution (OCR).

Conversation 09.11.2020

3 strengths of sales chatbot

Technology will create obvious differences between businesses in the next few years since chatbot can change the purchasing experience completely. At this time, AI-powered chatbot not only helps companies take care of customers but also qualifies as a professional salesperson.

Call Center 05.11.2020
Call Center

6 features proving the ability of AI Virtual Agent in call centers

AI-powered Virtual Agent with natural voice helps customer service call centers boost productivity and save money. Moreover, with dialog management, AI Virtual Agent can provide call centers with statistics and assessment of call quality.


Ministry of Information and Communications held the launch ceremony of FPT.AI Artificial Intelligence platform

On Friday, October 30th, 2020, the Ministry of Information and Communications held the launch ceremony of FPT.AI Comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Platform. This is one of the events to introduce Make-in-Vietnam digital platforms, aiming to carry out "National digital transformation program until 2025, with a vision toward 2030" just approved by the Prime Minister.

Conversation 02.11.2020

Chatbot and its benefits in the Insurance industry

In the era of Industry 4.0, chatbot is a popular customer service tool in the Insurance sector. So how does chatbot benefit insurance buyers as well as insurance agents?