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FPT Chairman talks with the AI “Godfather”

Mr.Truong Gia Binh, FPT Chairman, shared his dream and AI ambition with Prof.Yoshua Bengio, the leading AI scientist in the world.

Call Center 28.09.2021
Call Center

Success story of Home Credit Vietnam and FPT.AI resonates in the prestigious Fintech Magazine

Amplifying productivity and enhancing customer experience during the Covid-19 pandemic, FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center is a highlight of Home Credit's success story in Vietnam. The interview in Fintech Magazine with Anastasia Fokina, Chief OPS and Digital Transformation Officer of Home Credit Vietnam, will reveal many interesting things about this spectacular transformation.


FPT.AI White Paper: Voicebot - AI-Powered Virtual Agent

Based on our experience implementing AI-powered virtual agents for leading businesses in Vietnam, FPT.AI published a white paper titled "AI-powered voicebots as virtual agents – Amplify productivity for call centers in the Finance, Banking, Insurance industry." This publication will help businesses to accomplish their twin goals: Optimize productivity and enhance customer experience.


Strengthen security for FPT.AI account with 2-factor authentication

FPT.AI always attaches great importance to the security of customer accounts. To enhance account security, the FPT.AI system upgrades 2-factor authentication to protect customer accounts from unwarranted attacks.


Supercomputers for AI

In Vietnam, petaflop supercomputers have increasingly appeared in large technology corporations. Many people are expecting that supercomputers will drive artificial intelligence to thrive in the near future.


Technology reshapes the insurance industry

A survey of Bain & Company shows that digital adoption in the insurance sector increased by 20% in 2020. Keeping up with the global trend, FPT.AI and many organizations in Vietnam also take pioneering steps to seize opportunities.


AI in 2021: A Major Game Changer

Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s (PwC) AI Predictions Report in October 2020 stated that artificial intelligence (AI) would be a major game changer. In 2020, when the unexpected Covid-19 crisis hit the world, companies could see the results of their effort in building solid AI fundamentals. The investment in AI is a wise investment at this time to have better and long-term profit in the future.

Call Center 06.08.2021
Call Center

Home Credit Vietnam's spectacular transformation with FPT.AI

FPT.AI Virtual Call Center supports Home Credit Vietnam to make more than 2 million calls each month, saving 50% of operating costs. Moreover, “virtual agent" of Home Credit Vietnam has a customer satisfaction rating of 4,5/5 on average.


Tech leaders talk about AI value in economic development

The Ministry of Industry and Trade and engineers, tech leaders of Google, FPT.AI and tMonitor will discuss on the topic AI supports economic development in Covid-19 pandemic.

Conversation 06.08.2021

Instruction on how to set Auto Mark as Done

When supporting customers, there may be too many requests that human agents cannot handle in a timely manner, or outside working hours they cannot be available right away. To help customers not to wait for a long time without any response, the system can automatically send messages to inform them about its situation.