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Conversation 09.12.2020

Use JSON API card to build a powerful chatbot

You can easily build a smart chatbot with a few simple actions on the artificial intelligence platform FPT.AI Conversation. However, to make chatbots versatile and powerful, you have to integrate them with many add-on features, and JSON API is the most popular and speedily one.

Text to Speech 04.12.2020
Text to Speech

Instruction on how to use

Voicemaker is a platform allowing users to convert text to natural-sounding speech, with many specialized features, and convenience for editing and storage.

Conversation 30.11.2020

"Lead nurturing" tactics with chatbot

Taking customers to chatbots to experience and access products/services is simple, but to nurture customers and impress them needs the attention and consideration of businesses.

Conversation 30.11.2020

Legal chatbot - "smart virtual lawyer" in the legal industry

Smart chatbot solution has been widespread in all key economic sectors, including the Legal industry. The existence of legal chatbots marks the beginning of an intelligent and reliable model of legal support service for a large number of clients.

Conversation 26.11.2020

Why financial - banking businesses need chatbots?

Finance - Banking is an industry with a huge customer base. To handle this enormous workload fast and conveniently, businesses in the Finance - banking sector have sharply applied science and technology to operations to simplified and automated work processes. Therefore, since chatbots were developed, they have quickly become popular as they bring benefits to businesses.

Conversation 26.11.2020

How AI will change the finance - banking industry in 2020?

The finance - banking sector is an industry with enormous human resources as well as the amount of data to store. In Vietnam, the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to finance - banking area is becoming popular. Having many strengths and potentials ready to be released, within this year, AI is going to have a powerful impact on the whole banking industry.

Conversation 26.11.2020

5 key factors to consider when choosing a chatbot

With the development of Artificial Technology (AI), there are many Chatbot providers in the market. However, when the requirement for experience with chatbots is becoming higher, choosing a Chatbot provider causes a headache for businesses.

Conversation 25.11.2020

5 biggest mistakes many companies make with chatbots

Like other AI-powered solutions, chatbots have been an important tech trend. More and more businesses are using chatbots to interact with customers, automatically solve user problems and boost sales.


FPT.AI performs the most superior solutions at Techday 2020

FPT Techday 2020 is expected to create breakthroughs in business transformation and make the most of the collaboration between human and machine intelligence. FPT.AI is one of the key units of the corporation, specializes in researching and developing technology solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), brings practical leaps to businesses participating in the exhibition at the event.

Reader 11.11.2020

Digitize documents with AI in Finance sector

In the field of Finance - Banking - Insurance, many important processes are still being conducted on papers. However, large businesses have made some significant moves in digitization to prepare for breakthroughs and automation in the next few years by applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.