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5 ways AI is improving Marketing in 2021

Besides product/service quality, customer experience is one of the important factors that determine customer behavior toward businesses. It’s getting more urgent to enhance customer experience, especially in the new normal. Many leading businesses around the world have pioneered adopting Artificial Intelligence AI to improve their interaction with customers during marketing activities.

Conversation 03.03.2021

Set up rating and survey feature to assesst quality of chatbots

Rating and surveying quality of chatbots are important features that inform businesses about the satisfaction level of customers when they are supported by chatbots.
In this article I will guide you to set up Rating and Survey feature to evaluate quality of chatbots:


Deputy Minister Phan Tam: ‘FPT Smart Cloud contributes to the value of Vietnam’

During a visit on Tet holiday at FPT Smart Cloud, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications valued the effort and contribution of FPT’s “newest” member company to the national digital transformation.

Call Center 04.02.2021
Call Center

SeABank maintains customer service during Covid-19 with Virtual Agent for Call Center

Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation of businesses, driven them to keep up with problems in services that their customers meet during social distancing. And SeABank is one of the first units in Vietnam’s banking system to deploy FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center, providing seamless experiences to customers, ensuring continuous customer support activities when the Covid-19 situation is confusing.

Conversation 01.02.2021

7 potential benefits of Chatbot for SEO

Businesses may all know what the popular uses of chatbots in customer service are. But business owners and marketers do not know that chatbots help improve SEO, increase advertising performance on digital channels, retain customers longer, etc.

Conversation 28.01.2021

3 trends of combining Chatbot and Marketing in 2021

2020 is a year full of surprises. Although there will always be factors beyond our control, if the contingency plans are well prepared, the year 2021 could be a booming year. When it comes to business development, the standardization of the new year starts with the trends of combining chatbot and marketing in 2021.

Text to Speech 27.01.2021
Text to Speech

Super fast and free voice creator for movie review

Keeping up with the worldwide trend of technology development, FPT.AI has released many natural-sounding machine voices that become a trend in social media. Currently, on Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, etc., there is a rising trend of movie review using 5-7 minute clips. The special thing is that the video voiceover is made completely by a voice maker - the voice of FPT.AI’s Ban Mai.

Conversation 21.01.2021

Digitalize documents in just 1 second with FPT.AI Reader

FPT Smart Cloud, a subsidiary of FPT, has officially launched FPT.AI Reader - An application which can automatically recognize and extract text from photos, allowing users to easily extract diverse documents in vary industry groups, with the accuracy up to 98%.

Reader 21.01.2021

Extract information from images automatically with APIs of FPT.AI

This article is a detailed instruction on how to connect API OCR by NodeJs. Through connecting APIs, you can build the process of extracting identity information automatically for personal credit card/account opening in such industries as telecom, finance, banking, etc.

Conversation 18.01.2021

Sales chatbots on online platforms

Chatbots are increasingly popular and showing their necessity in the customer service industry, connecting customers with businesses in the online environment. Chatbots are used in a wide range of industries, especially chatbots in e-commerce, which have been making impressive transformations in both sales and long-term customer satisfaction.