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Banking: AI Technology Is Shaping The Future

According to experts, the explosion of AI in banking around the globe is expected to create $1 trillion in annual value. The development of AI drives the banking industry to transform powerfully, enhancing experiences for new generations of customers in the 4.0 era.


Technology reshapes the insurance industry

A survey of Bain & Company shows that digital adoption in the insurance sector increased by 20% in 2020. Keeping up with the global trend, FPT.AI and many organizations in Vietnam also take pioneering steps to seize opportunities.


Banking industry changes business activities to overcome Covid-19 crisis

Covid-19 pandemic is a health crisis, as well as a shock to the global economy. In that situation, banks have to change business activities to strongly go through the difficult period.


AI is forecasted to boost revenue powerfully in the next few years

In the 3rd quarter of 2020, McKinsey released the latest report on AI around the world. The report is worth notice due to a deep understanding of businesses pioneering applying AI to boost revenue and the positive results they have achieved.


Insurance: AI solutions and the trend of adoption

Insurance: AI solutions and the trend of adoption


Ministry of Information and Communications held the launch ceremony of FPT.AI Artificial Intelligence platform

On Friday, October 30th, 2020, the Ministry of Information and Communications held the launch ceremony of FPT.AI Comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Platform. This is one of the events to introduce Make-in-Vietnam digital platforms, aiming to carry out "National digital transformation program until 2025, with a vision toward 2030" just approved by the Prime Minister.


OCR and the importance of digitization

The second decade of the 21st century witnessed the trend of paperless offices being the sustainable objective of many corporations around the world. Along with that came the development of digitization and OCR technology that saved money, optimized human resources, and built modern and stable business models.


Why e-commerce platforms should have AI Chatbot?

A productive sales assistant can completely change the buying experience, especially when 24 million e-commerce platforms are competing in the market. However, not all businesses are alert enough to build a strong and smart tool for customer service called Virtual Assistant - AI Chatbot.


4 practical applications of Chatbot Marketing in Business

Chatbot marketing đã và đang được đánh giá cao như một công cụ marketing cực kỳ hiệu quả trong việc cải thiện tương tác với khách hàng và thắt chặt mối quan hệ giữa khách hàng và doanh nghiệp.


4 ways chatbot can improve customer experience in Banking and Finance

In the finance - banking industry, chatbot can enhance customer experience when allowing customers to carry out many actions directly through the conversations with it.

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