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10 tips to creating the best Chatbot script with FPT.AI Conversation – Part 2

January 10, 2020

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Following part 1, these are the next 5 useful tips to an interesting chatbot script:

6. Maintain clarity and emotions

Chatbots can infer human emotions through words, and scriptwriters need to keep the scripts polite yet friendly, in order to keep the customer satisfied.

Open questions should be avoided, as it may mess up conversations. In fact, it is best to give out personalized options should difficulties in inference occur. This will help keep the conversation flow in check, as well as provide customers with necessary information.

Emojis can be used, but not overused. In some cases, they will help push the conversation going in a natural way.

Finally, dialogues should be kept brief and clear. Lengthiness and over-repetition should be avoided, as these may annoy the user.

Intent: Chatbot scriptwriters must determine the conversation’s intents beforehand and express those clearly. Similar intents should be grouped together to increase the accuracy of NLP predictions. Also, writers should also pay attention to non-business intents, like saying welcome, bidding goodbye, and giving quick answers (like yes/no/OK…)

Sentence patterns: One intent should be expressed in different ways, and altered in phrases, words, or structures… However, the sentence should be as brief as possible with one major intent in order to avoid confusion.

There should be at least 20 sentence patterns for each intent.

Example: For ordering drinks, bot scriptwriters can come up with numerous related sentences.

These sentences should be carefully considered, accurate and clear. Slangs, teencodes, abbreviations, synonyms… shoud be added to a “Dictionary” for the chatbot’s understanding.

7. Build a chatbot’s character based on its target

The chatbot should be potrayed with generic characteristics like name, gender, age, service style, and talking style for a distinctive and friendly experience.

Example: FPT shop’s chatbot is Pika, a young male dressed in FPT Shop’s uniform, tidy, polite, and reliable.

8. Stimulation of predictable situations

To know whether a chatbot conversation is natural enough, scriptwriters should stimulate these conversations with real customers in different situations, and prepare actions to answer to real problems.

Stimulated conversations with customers will also help sales counsellors become more confident and task-affluent.

9. Chatbot test run

Test runs are necessary in knowing the naturalness to a conversation, as in: testing bots before making them public. This testing experience means that writers will be able to judge the conversation and make adjustments accordingly.

Customer experience is crucial, and scriptwriters should be able to pinpoint problems during test runs to rectify them and improve the chatbots.

10. Situation handling

No matter how much care and preparation the scriptwriters put in chatbots, there are chances that customers will ask unpredictable questions. This will set the conversation off-track, and thus, it is crucial that scriptwriters prepares for these situations.

If the customer is unsatisfied, chatbots can direct the conversation to human employees, or re-issue the questions politely.

In some cases, clarifications from users can drive the chatbot back on track. Should these happen, customers are likely to praise the effort and put in good feedback.

In the end, the quality of a script lies in the hands of scriptwriters. In the near future, chatbots shall integrate more new advanced technologies, providing users with smart and exciting experiences. With detailed, clear scripts, along with the ability to “learn”, chatbots are always ready to listen and answer all possible queries, making them a great breakthrough to both businesses and customers.

In Vietnam, FPT.AI Conversation chatbot, which is built and developed by FPT Technology Innovation, FPT Group, is held in high regards. In fact, it is considered as one of smartest and easiest to use chatbot building platforms in the current technology market. Integrated with AI technology and the best NLP system in Vietnam, FPT.AI can easily be on par with chatbots of the world’s tech giants.

FPT.AI has been in partnership with multiple businesses and organizations, providing them with efficient solutions in human resources, operation optimization, and creating sustainable value.

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