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3 strengths of sales chatbot

November 9, 2020

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Chatbot provides immediate, fast and flexible support

One of the reasons why customers choose online shopping is its accessibility that helps them buy things anytime, anywhere, soon after they see their needed products. However, if the waiting time for responses about products is hours or even a day, customers may lose their interest. Therefore, “promptness” is a crucial factor for an advantage over competitors in customer service. All the demands and questions of customers need fast, thorough answers and speedy sales closing, which are the skills of an excellent salesperson. 

However, few businesses have a customer service team that meets all demands of customers. In small enterprises with a moderate number of customers, the customer service team only has a few employees and works during office hours. In large enterprises, there are hundreds of visits at the same time, so dozens of supporters still face difficulties in taking care of customers thoroughly. 

The bot creation platform FPT.AI Conversation is the solution to that problem. FPT.AI Chatbot provides customer service 24/7, anytime, anywhere, including public holidays and weekends. A chatbot can instantly handle hundreds of inquiries from customers at the same time with high accuracy, bringing a seamless experience to them.  

Chatbot helps businesses optimize operating cost

The cost of a large supporter team is one of the issues that businesses must consider. For basic tasks such as information about products and services, frequently asked questions, etc., Chatbot can support customers quickly. As a result, human supporters have a lighter workload and focus on providing more specialized support to customers.

Moreover, with the bot creation platform FPT.AI Conversationbusinesses only need to build chatbot once on the main conversational channel and integrate it into many others to serve a large number of users on multiple channels. For example, a chatbot is built on Facebook Messenger, then integrated into other channels such as Zalo, Viber, Livechat website, etc. Therefore, businesses can optimize the cost of customer service. 

Chatbot FPT.AI

In the field of customer service, personalization is an important step. Using a chatbot as a virtual agent to support customers can help businesses personalize their services easily. Chatbot can immediately communicate with customers using their names, thereby creating a more friendly and comfortable atmosphere. 

Moreover, FPT.AI chatbot also has the ability to categorize customers according to their interests. Therefore, businesses can choose suitable content, promotions, discounts or products for customers, avoid spamming them and bring a more positive customer experience. 

More and more businesses are using chatbot as a powerful tool to identify potential customers through the “sales funnel”, thereby saving money, time and human resources. By automating customer service and optimizing operation, chatbot promotes the integration and sustainable development of businesses while the powerful wave of technology 4.0 is occurring in the whole world.


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