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5 key factors to consider when choosing a chatbot

November 26, 2020

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This article will point out 5 basic factors businesses must consider when choosing a chatbot: 

1. Invest in AI

Instead of depending on time-consuming traditional tools and bulky operations to support customers, companies should find a smart, easy-to-use chatbot platform, then build a chatbot with sympathy, professional knowledge of products/services to advise customers. 

Chatbots created will quickly support customers and are independent of the IT Department (Information Technology), flexibly adjust and satisfy customers’ needs tirelessly at any time, anywhere. 

2. Automate many activities

Forrester realizes that 91% of CEOs want a chatbot that automates all activities, but only 52% of chatbots have that ability. If businesses use a too basic type of chatbot, they still cannot save time, effort and money. When the need for customer support increases, businesses should look for Chatbots that works more on their own, for example: 

  • Change and update contacts
  • Automatically arrange appointments, bookings and many other activities
  • Update and upgrade services/products
  • Send promotions, discounts to attract customers

3. High level of personalization

Customer satisfaction is not only a star rating. A good chatbot has a big impact on revenue. This is the reason why advanced businesses should invest in a chatbot platform that offers a high level of personalization, makes customers feel close to and intimate. 

A smart chatbot can have abilities to personalize such as: 

  • Understand context, history to have accurate responses
  • Identify customers and provide personalization by their names
  • Attract customers through services that are suitable for their hobbies, personal purposes. 

4. Understand many dialects

Although most chatbot platforms allow businesses to provide support 24/7, any time, anywhere, can they understand the dialects of many regions? 

That is surely a big challenge. For this reason, offering support with a diversity of dialects can create a difference for your business. A smart chatbot allows content creators to understand the words used by customers. 

5. Hand work over to human supporters 

Some problems require help from supporters. Therefore, businesses need a chatbot platform that allows both of them to support customers easily without any impact on the quality of conversations. When customers ask to meet supporters, bots can retrieve and connect them in an interface with all information provided by customers previously. Supporters do not need to ask again for that information, thus avoid making customers annoyed and taking their time. As a result, businesses can show how professional your services are.

According to a recent report by Forrester, only 21% of chatbot providers around the world can offer highly customizable experiences. FPT.AI is proud to be one of the providers having the most intelligent Chatbot creation platforms in Vietnam’s market at this time, with all superior features, promises to bring satisfaction to your businesses. 


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