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5 promising trends of AI adoption in 2022

April 4, 2022

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1. AI-as-a-service model


AI-as-a-Service, or AiaaS, refers to off-the-shelf AI tools that enable companies to implement and scale AI techniques at a fraction of the cost of a full in-house AI.

This term comes from “Everything as a Service” concept, applying to many tech solutions that can be called upon across a system based on Cloud Computing (cloud-based software).

Implementing AIaaS brings many outstanding benefits to businesses, especially for those using AI solutions for the first time: 

✅ Reduce initial investment costs, implement simply and easily

✅ Always have support from providers’ experts

✅ Easily scale when necessary 

✅ Manage costs effortlessly by “pay as you go” model – pay according to actual usage

2. Super automation with AI and RPA


RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is an automating solution imitating human actions, which is used to handle repetitive tasks such as processing transactions, reading and processing data. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology simulating human intelligence through big data and learning machine. 

AI combined with RPA has huge potential to actualize the concept of “Super automation” and create a leap in businesses’ productivity. It could be understood that robots not only imitate actions but also can think, predict and make decision like humans. 

One of the top retail banks in Vietnam has implemented AI integrated with RPA, leading to powerful outcomes in the process of operation and customer support. In the future, this will be a popular trend for businesses when they start implementing AI.

3. AI of Things


AIoT is Artificial Intelligence of Things. This is the combination of AI and IoT to create machines and systems that can learn human behaviors, thereby enhancing the ability to predict and make decisions.

AIoT technology helps IoT become smarter and more independent, bringing more benefits to human life, affecting almost all sectors, from air transport, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, etc. 

According to FinancesOnline, in 2030, nearly 25.44 billion IoT devices integrated AI will be used around the world, creating a giant network of everything, from smartphones to kitchen suppliers. 

4. Multimodal AI model


Multimodal AI model is an artificial intelligence model, in which various data sources (text, sound, image, number) and multiple intelligent algorithms are combined to solve complicated problems and reach high accuracy. These problems are usually unsolvable if using only a single data source and algorithm. 

A popular example of multimodal AI is “DALL-E” model by OpenAI. It can create random images from descriptions of users. It can be seen that Multimodal AI has huge potential when being applied to automated conversation tools, such as chatbots and voicebots. Consequently, bots can understand both text and images, as well as communicate with humans in both formats. 

5. Personalized and responsive Virtual Agent



While the Virtual Agent model that allows automating conversations with humans has become popular recently, 2022 is the time for Virtual Agents to understand users more deeply than ever. Grasping the behaviors and personalities of users, Virtual Agents can personalize conversations at a high level and make them satisfied. 

Let’s imagine you are talking with Virtual Agent for Call Center and called by your name, which means being recognized as soon as you pick up. Then you received product recommendations based on your preferences or warmly welcomed if you are a new customer. All of this can be done by the Virtual Agent model upgraded with personalized features. 

FPT.AI Virtual Agent is the pioneer in Vietnam that focuses on personalize features, including: 

✅ VoiceMatch – Recognize users’ voices

✅Understand behavior – for example, choose an appropriate time to make a call, avoid annoying users

✅Sentiment Analysis – Categorize and recognize users’ emotions 

✅ Natural Interrupting – New feature allows users to interrupt bots, then redirect conversations without a predetermined scenario.


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