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5 reasons why businesses should promptly build chatbots

August 20, 2020

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Here are 5 reasons why businesses should promptly build chatbots.

1. Marketing on chat platforms is the inevitable trend in the future

The boom of messaging apps was quickly embraced by young people. Prominent chat platforms are Facebook Messenger, Zalo, Viber, etc. Among them, Facebook Messenger is the 3rd most downloaded application in the world in 2019 and the top application in 2020. Billions of users around the world, including Vietnamese users, spend time on this app every day. According to the statistics of Facebook Messenger in 2020, 63% of users want to reach businesses through Facebook Messenger. More than 61% of them said that text is an effective and convenient way when they need to quickly connect with businesses.

Zalo is the most popular chat application in Vietnam with more than 100 million accounts, various types of audiences and diverse age groups.

That shows the popularity of messaging apps in Vietnam as potential places where marketers can reach customers. Wherever customers are, there is marketing. When messaging apps attract a large number of users, marketers cannot ignore them. They will find any way to reach and interact with customers, provide the products/services as their needs and convert into real values.

A chatbot is a tool that can interact with customers via messages in real time. With AI, chatbots can learn by themselves, get smarter over time, understand the intentions of users’ sentences and perform many useful tasks. Chatbots can be easily integrated into many different chat platforms and interfaces such as Facebook Messenger, Zalo, Viber, Livechat of the Website, etc., or any chat application that businesses are using. Therefore, chatbots help companies expand their reach to customers, support customer care on all communication channels 24/7/365.

Enterprises only need to build chatbot once and easily optimize it on each specific messaging app. Chatbot helps businesses save operating costs, as well as bringing exciting experiences to customers anytime, anywhere.

2. Building chatbots is accessible

Many people feel confused when using chatbots. They think chatbots are robots, so it is difficult to control and make them smart and flexible like humans. However, this is a mistaken belief. Everyone can build a chatbot for their own business.

In Vietnam, FPT.AI chatbot is built on FPT.AI Conversation. It is the chatbot development platform with a user interface. Bot creators do not need programming knowledge or highly specialized skills. On FPT.AI Conversation platform with simple drag and drop, add/delete buttons, bot creators can immediately start creating bots. Register an FPT ID account at and visit to start building scripts for a bot. If there is any problem, bot creators can refer to the instruction at FPT.AI

Bot creation interface of FPT.AI

3. Chatbots are suitable marketing tools for most industries

The main task of chatbots is to chat, consult, and provide information to customers through a conversation. Therefore, from a real estate business to a restaurant, from souvenir shops to banks, no matter what field business is in, it can have a chatbot to automatically support customers.

For example, SHB Finance has applied a chatbot to support customer service, answer common questions, consult on consumer loan packages, etc. Customers can apply for loan appraisal documents directly with SH Finance’s virtual agent Sau Tai Chinh in the conversation.

4. Chatbots can bring automatic revenue streams 

On the chatbot development platform FPT.AI Conversation, many additional useful features can be added to solve a variety of problems of businesses. Not only can chatbots advise and provide information about products/services, they also can perform many tasks such as collecting customer information, ordering, and making appointments.

With the ordering feature, customers can quickly complete the buying process, thereby increasing conversion rates and bringing a significant source of revenue.

5. Manage all chatbot conversations with customers with Livesupport

To provide a comprehensive solution that has practical features, besides the bot creation interface, FPT.AI builds the Livesupport site ( for businesses to easily manage all conversations between chatbots and customers. Chatbots are useful tools, but they still can’t completely replace humans. Humans are always needed to directly advise customers, answer professional questions, which chatbot cannot do yet, to bring customers absolute satisfaction.

In particular, Livesupport also evaluates the performance of consultants through specific data, thereby having suitable methods to adjust and improve the quality of the customer service team.

FPT.AI’s chatbot is one of the top choices of many large domestic enterprises because it has the best Vietnamese natural language processing (NLP) technology at this time. Immediately building a smart chatbot can improve the operational process, optimize operating costs, and create sustainable development for businesses.


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