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5 ways AI is improving Marketing in 2021

March 10, 2021

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According to the global research institute McKinsey, AI is on the track to create from $1.4 trillion to $2.6 trillion by solving Marketing and Sales problems in the next 3 years.

The latest report State of Marketing from Salesforce also shows that AI adoption of marketers skyrocketed from 2018 to 2020, which jumped from 29% in 201 to 84% in 2020.

AI, Machine Learning, Marketing and Advertising, Virtual voice assistant Voicebot, Chatbot and mobile apps will be the most impactful technologies for the future of Marketing, according to the Marketing Leadership Benchmark 2020 report of Drift.

Here are 5 ways AI is helping businesses improve marketing activities in 2021: 

1. AI constantly learn and develop following the growth of businesses

Businesses always appreciate AI’s ability to learn and update in common customer service activities. Over time, with Machine Learning, marketing analytics solutions of businesses keep improving to become better, boost productivity and achieve a higher accuracy level than traditional marketing analytics. 

2. AI is used in communication/advertising campaigns

According to Advertiser Perception’s study in 2020, 32% of marketers used AI in their advertising campaigns like advertising on social media and online messaging platforms. In marketing campaigns, Chatbot powerfully supports businesses to serve customers automatically 24/7/365. Using emerging technologies will attract a certain level of attention from customers in communication campaigns.

3. AI helps understand customers

Businesses investing on AI aim to collect and analyze customer data, thereby improving quality and segmenting customers in the most specific and personalized way, according to their right demand and preference. Thus, they can reach customers and provide them with their exact needed things. 

Businesses expect to have a powerful transformation in building customer trust by creating sympathy and strategies depending on AI data, which personalizes customer experience on multiple channels and at a large scale. Having demographics and customer data alone can save $50 billion per year for the retail industry.

4. AI contributes to accelerating revenue growth rate

Many marketers agree that AI contributes the most to the increase of revenue and the improvement of productivity. AI is used to collect marketing data and personalize customer experience on a large scale. Particularly, AI helps automate many marketing activities, thereby saving time, human resources, boosting sales and revenue.

5. AI helps retain customers and support customers later

When performing personalization, businesses can build a closer relationship with their customers, which retains them and makes them loyal customers of businesses. Customers tend to buy more from familiar businesses and those meeting their right needs. Therefore, businesses will have an opportunity for upselling and cross selling in the future.

Many businesses see chatbot as an efficient solution for the commercial message trend. AI Chatbot has many outstanding strengths compared with traditional solutions such as: 

  • Easily integrated into popular platforms
  • Easily personalize customer experience
  • The ability to learn by itself to become smarter after each conversation with customers.
  • Automatically handle more than 90% of customer inquiries, save money and labor while increasing profit. 

Chatbot usually answers questions according to key words. However, with Artificial Intelligence and Natural language processing technology, FPT.AI chatbot can understand each customer psychology and preference to provide support that fits each individual, improving the rate of successful conversation.

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