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7 potential benefits of Chatbot for SEO

February 1, 2021

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In this article, I will introduce 7 additional benefits that chatbots provide your business: 

1. Chatbot reduces website bounce rate for SEO

A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who see only one site and then leave. Although these statistics are not counted in the search engine ranking, websites that rank high on Google often have low bounce rates.

Visitors leaving websites is an important issue , especially for e-commerce platforms. In fact, e-commerce websites have an average bounce rate of about 42%. Websites usually have high bounce rates due to problems on user experience (UX). They are not friendly in design, making it difficult for visitors to navigate. If users find it difficult or time-consuming to find what they want, they will leave to other websites.

Chatbots can help reduce the bounce rate by supporting and navigating customers to the right places, helping them to go in the right direction.

Nicolina Savelli – content and social media marketer at Wily Global said: “Chatbot has helped reduce our bounce rate by 2%, users chat with chatbot for longer, ask more questions instead of leaving the website.”

2. Chatbot can increase session duration for SEO

The session duration is the amount of time a user stays on your website before returning to the SERP (search engine results page). Google uses session duration to evaluate website ranking. Websites having higher session duration are considered helpful for users.

39% of B2B marketers think that conversational marketing techniques like chatbots will increase the amount of time visitors spend on your website. It is similar to how chatbots on Facebook Messenger reduce the bounce rate. This is because chatbots help customers find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.

3. Chatbot helps improve service ratings

For businesses, review is an important rating, especially in service, because reviews will directly affect businesses’ reputation.

Improving customer experience is a way to gain positive reviews on your business’s website and Facebook. And the keys to have a great customer experience are personalization and speed. 88% of marketers agree that customers like personalized services. And if the need for those services is not being met immediately, customers may leave your business to a competitor.

Chatbot can help businesses solve both of these problems. Firstly, by users’ attributes such as name, gender, etc., chatbots can personalize their conversations with customers. Obviously, chatbots are always ready to answer questions immediately, 24/7/365. Facebook’s research shows that chatbots improve customer satisfaction by 4 t times and increase response speed by 300%.

Chatbot FPT.AI

4. Data from chatbot supports content marketing strategy

Content marketing is one of the most powerful ways to improve a brand’s search rankings. By determining important questions of customers and answering them with great content, brands can quickly attract the right customers. Optimizing content with keywords, websites of businesses will rank higher on search engines.

When websites are integrated with chatbots, customers can directly find out their needs through a friendly conversation. Currently, only 22% of organizations use chatbots to collect data. That means 78% are missing out on an opportunity to deliver information to customers faster in content marketing strategies.

By collecting data, chatbots can help your business discover frequently asked questions and problems of customers, thereby making the right, clear and useful content strategies for customers.

5. Chatbot helps improve ad performance and ROI

A chatbot is a great tool to understand customer persona. And customer data is a “treasure” that helps improve the performance of advertisements on communication channels. This is because the more you learn about the customer persona, the more accurate your target will be.

For example, Take Beauty Player – a Taiwanese e-commerce store that sells skin care products. Initially, their advertisement was expensive and ineffective. But then, they built a chatbot and started collecting user data. They use that data to classify customers into different types for different ads. As a result, their customer conversion costs more than halved, from $8.30 to $4.06, which increases return on advertising costs by 10 times.

6. Chatbot can encourage sharing

In every communication campaign, all businesses try to increase brand awareness by encouraging users to share content. This is called the “snowball effect,” and your brand will gain more attention when more customers share your posts.

To start this effect, build a chatbot that provides useful content to your target audience. Then, encourage them to share with their friends who are genuinely interested in the issue.

7. Chatbot increases customer retention

Attracting new customers is often more expensive than taking care of old ones. For old customers to buy again, businesses need a specific sales strategy. Chatbot is a great tool to help attract old customers who have interacted with and loved your products/services. Chatbots can reduce the difficulty and complexity in the buying process, making it easy for customers to find and buy the right products.

Chatbot is a versatile tool for any business. And in Vietnam, FPT.AI’s Chatbot surpasses far beyond simple requirements of customer service. Besides providing information, FPT.AI’s chatbot has the ability to shape and amplify SEO, content marketing, etc. to help increase brand awareness, thereby boosting sales. Moreover, the chatbot of FPT.AI is equipped with intensive Vietnamese natural language processing technology, optimizing recognition and chatting in Vietnamese with customers most naturally.

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