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AI in 2021: A Major Game Changer

August 6, 2021

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Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s (PwC) AI Predictions Report in October 2020 stated that artificial intelligence (AI) would be a major game-changer. AI may contribute 15.7 billion USD to the global economy in 2030, which is higher than the current production of China and India in total. This may include 6.6 trillion USD derived from boosting productivity and 9.1 trillion USD from consumers’ impact. 

The survey attracted more than 1000 respondents, including 200 CEOs, with the question: “How far along are companies in their usage of AI?” 


AI adoption is being accelerated strongly by companies as the survey’s result said: 

? 7%: do not use AI but are considering it

? 14%: have tested and got limited success

? 21%: have tested promising initial steps and are looking to scale

? 25%: have AI-powered processes with widespread adoption 

? 33%: have started implementing with specific use cases

Despite a challenging year for the global economy, companies in the US are accelerating their approach to artificial intelligence.

  • ¼ companies in PwC’s latest AI survey have been using AI at scale (increased 18% compared with 2019)
  • 54% is preparing for their usage

In 2020, when the unexpected Covid-19 crisis hit the world, companies could see the results of their effort in building solid AI fundamentals. Most companies using AI in their operations could get significant benefits. 52% of respondents have accelerated their AI adoption after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

 These are promising growth signs that confidence in AI is growing when increasingly more US companies are investing in AI.

Also according to the survey, the top 5 benefits of AI for businesses are: 

1️⃣ Create better customer experience

2️⃣ Improve decision-making

3️⃣ Innovate products and services

4️⃣ Save expenses

5️⃣ Increase productivity and efficiency

Though it is not easy to achieve profit growth, this is a no-loss investment since it could be the fundamental of companies’ future. The investment in AI is a wise investment at this time to have better and long-term profit in the future.

In Vietnam, FPT is one of the first companies to work on AI. FPT.AI platform, officially launched in 2018, has been providing solutions for businesses to solve difficult problems in their operations.

Some outstanding solutions built on FPT.AI artificial intelligence platform are: 

  • FPT.AI Conversation: A chatbot creation platform with a user interface. Chatbots are integrated into multiple channels and can perform many customer service tasks, helping businesses to support customers automatically 24/7.
  • FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center: A platform to build virtual agents for call centers, which can automatically make outbound calls, receive inbound calls and call customers according to predetermined scenarios. Thus, traditional call centers can save money, optimize their human resources, and have high performance.
  • FPT.AI eKYC: electronic Know Your Customer solution. It can collate and verify identity documents, thereby supporting this process to take place faster. 

FPT.AI has clear goals and directions for developing products to go with business in the digital transformation journey. This is determined by the fact that AI is not only a race but also a long-term, strategic investment, and every step along that way will create huge differences soon.


Experience FPT.AI services at:

☎ Hotline: 0911886353

? Email: [email protected]

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