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AI-powered chatbot vs the previous generations: What is the difference?

April 28, 2021

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What is chatbot?

A chatbot is a tool that can interact with customers via messages in real time, 24/7/365. Therefore, customers do not need to wait in a long time for support from businesses. 

Today, people enjoy interaction through messaging platforms. According to statistics of Facebook Messenger in the early 2020, more than 61% of surveyed customers said that messages are convenient and quick to connect with businesses. In Vietnam, Zalo is the most used messaging platform with over 100 million accounts. Therefore, having a chatbot that is integrated into multiple channels is essential to every business.

Also, chatbots support humans to perform the most time-consuming tasks, helping businesses to reduce costs of human resources. Their employees can focus on professional, more difficult tasks.

Differentiate normal chatbots and AI-powered chatbots

Chatbots were invented decades ago. However, chatbots usually answered questions exactly like  predetermined scenarios. Thus, it had a limit in communicating with customers, causing users to be indifferent to this technology solution. 

About the last 5 years, Artificial intelligence has been developing strongly. Chatbots are now powered by Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning, which helps chatbots to learn from conversations with customers themself to become smarter over time. Natural language processing technology (NLP) helps AI-powered chatbots to understand the intent in users’ sentences and give accurate responses. Users do not need to enter rigid sentences to chat with chatbots but can express their ideas in their style. By identifying key words and variables in users’ sentences, smart chatbots understand and respond to users flexibly.

Besides, AI-powered chatbots can be integrated with many add-ons to solve a diversity of business problems. Chatbots not only can advise, provide information about products/services but also can perform many other tasks such as collect customer data, order, make appointments.

With the order feature of AI-powered chatbot, customers can quickly complete their buying process, thereby increasing conversion rate and providing more revenue to businesses.

Chatbot FPT.AI

Only large businesses should build AI-powered chatbots?

Constantly improving and enhancing quality of customer service is the key factor to ensure sustainable development of businesses. Those which value customer service usually have higher revenue than competitors with poor quality of customer service. Therefore, every business, no matter if it is big or small, should have a chatbot involved in customer support.

Businesses can integrate chatbots into many communication channels simply, make chatbots a strong bridge between businesses and customers. Moreover, many businesses are using chatbots as an effective marketing tool in a specific campaign to reach target customers.

If your business has a chatbot already, assess its efficiency. Is your chatbot smart? Does it meet the needs of your business?

Many businesses feel confused when adopting chatbots because they think that chatbots are robots, so it is hard to control them and make them as smart and flexible as humans. However, this is a wrong point of view. In fact, anyone can build a chatbot for business.

If you don’t  have a chatbot yet, let start building a chatbot for your business. FPT.AI conversation will help you from the very first step of deployment. Businesses just need to build chatbots once, then easily optimize them on each messaging platform. Chatbots help businesses to reduce operating costs, as well as bringing interesting experiences to customers anytime and anywhere.

All businesses think that providing high-quality customer service and satisfying them is crucial to retain customers. Though products/services are excellent, poor customer service still causes customers to leave. A chatbot is one of the popular technology solutions that many businesses choose today to improve their customer services.


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