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AI Virtual Agent and the transformation in call centers

October 7, 2020

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Here are the main trends that many businesses are focusing on:

Reduce the number of inbound calls 

Over the past 10 years, the number of inbound calls has decreased significantly as customers tend to interact more actively on social media. According to Facebook’s statistics in 2020, Messenger is the 3rd most downloaded app in the world in 2019, and the number of downloads will continue to increase in 2020. More than 61% of respondents said that texting is an efficient and convenient way to connect with businesses. Customers often use social media instead of hotline when they have questions. Therefore, call centers can optimize the use of resources for more complex cases.

In financial – banking institutions, when frequently asked questions are answered in digital channels, complex interactions such as Up-sell, Cross-sell or financial consulting will account for a larger proportion of tasks in call centers. Enterprises need a plan to develop professional agent teams to handle complex and specialized situations, meet the rigorous needs of various customers.

However, in many specific cases, Virtual Agent (voicebot) can be used to receive inbound calls and process them automatically. Virtual Agent built on Artificial Intelligence can be easily integrated into traditional call centers to answer customers about specific issues according to prepared scenarios.

In Vietnam, FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center helps Central Power Corporation automatically respond to thousands of inbound calls about electrical problems or power cut schedule. AI Virtual Agent can use registered phone numbers to retrieve customer information from CRM system, then provide personalized and specific responses according to customers’ addresses.

Within 6 months of implementation, Virtual Agent for Call Center in Central Power Corporation received and processed 45,895 automatic calls, which is the workload of a human agent in 420 days, thereby saving more than 600 million VND/year for the company.

Automate outbound calls with AI Agent

The customer service department is crucial for businesses in industries such as finance and banking. Many large companies employ up to thousands of customer service employees across 3 regions. However, 50% of calls are notifications that are the same for thousands of customers. These calls take up many resources of the business but do not work efficiently.

In response to this problem, many businesses are pioneering the integration of Virtual Agent and traditional call centers to automatically make outbound calls, which is also a prominent trend in customer service nowadays.

As a user-friendly conversation building and managing platform that allows setting up a variety of scenarios, FPT.AI Virtual Agent has created two scenarios for the consumer finance company Home Credit for two purposes. The first one is the welcome call to confirm customer information and introduce products to first-time customers. The second scenario is to remind loan payment due date, confirm payment time, methods, status, etc. Besides, FPT.AI’s Virtual Agent can conduct two-way interaction and automatically collate information with the system to give useful responses and recommendations to customers.

In 3 months of official operation, FPT.AI’s Virtual Agent made about 300,000 calls. The call duration is 1 to 2 minutes, and the success rate is 98%. Therefore, it saved billions of dong in operating costs for Home Credit Vietnam.

New trends will open a new era in the field of customer service, and technology is the driving force for call centers to gain advantages and create breakthroughs in the next 5 years.


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