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Chatbot applications built on FPT.AI Conversation platform

January 10, 2020

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So, what particular activities do businesses often use FPT.AI’s chatbots in?

FAQ Assistant

Aside from direct call consultant and web-based FAQs, Chatbots can be integrated to online messaging applications to provide details on new products/services, as well as to give prompt answers to customers’ enquiries. Various businesses are also using chatbots to answer FAQs, and with this technology, customers can make a variety of questions and receive answers to them in message form.

Making a messaging FAQ Chatbot is much more difficult to using website’s FAQ materials, for businesses have to make sure that the chatbots’ conversations with customers are engaging. As such, chatbot scriptwriters have to understand conversational contexts, and maintain a stream of answers and questions with users.

Should there arise questions out of the chatbot’s realm of knowledge, a notification needs to be sent to the customers as well as the employees, redirecting them to direct interaction with a human consultant. The prevalent chatbot also means that, customer care will be available 24/7, with readily answered questions at all time.

Redirection Chatbot

The mission of redirection chatbots is to direct customers to the content they are interested in. Here, the chatbot will help customers get answers to their questions, find a product they requires, or link them to a website or a blog post with the information they need.

Normally, a redirection chatbot will guide customers to a product most suitable for them. For example, when a customer wants to find a new iPhone in bronze gold, the redirect bot will send the customer a list of products that matches the aforementioned requirements, in the form of a list or carousel card.


This type of chatbot are normally in use at large business with various products or on e-commerce platforms, where it shall help reduce searching time for customers, and make their experience much more interesting. Furthermore, different from the redirection tab on websites, the redirection chatbot can change topics and information sent in q quick and easy manner.

Attract and nurture customers

Chatbots are useful in generating potential customers, as they can be combined with various marketing strategies. With chatbots, brands can approach customers easier via multiple channels, as well as support them from all place, at all time. Customers can therefore entertain themselves on their preferred messaging app, while still conversing with chatbots for useful information.




Chatbots can also rekindle conversations with customers that had previously expressed interest in the business’s products or services, and customers that had previously interacted. In just a few clicks, chatbots can automatically send quick product/service notifications to customers, update them with information, or serve as a reminder of return for the customers.

Transaction Chatbot

The mission of transaction bots is a tad more special compared to normal ones: it allows transaction in conversation. For online transactions like this to be possible, the chatbot needs to linked to banks’ profession API.

With this type of chatbot, customers can save time and effort of going through multiple steps, as all tasks are performed by this smart chatbot.

The use of transaction chatbots are not only convenient to customers, but also efficient in pushing the speed of purchasing, thus increase the rate of successful sales.

Internal Assistant Chatbot

The use of chatbots is not limited to customer care. There are always persisting problems in large companies and corporations, as well as mutual tasks where notifications to all staff are necessary. These are when the Internal Assistant Chatbot comes to use, as it acts as a quick messenger for the company. The chatbot will quickly send information, notifications, and answers to mutual topics, and the need to bother other staff is thus rendered unnecessary.

For example, a larger corporation may built a chatbot that is knowledgeable in the company’s history, development, and corporate structure, so that its new employees can easily find there information, and old ones can inquire old topics that their minds linger on. Those interested (customers, partners, other companies) can also receive quick answers from this chatbot, instead of having to read through walls of text on the company’s information. Furthermore, the chatbot will also serve as an image of the company – pioneering in new technology application, bringing about attractive customer experience.

With AI integration, FPT.AI chatbots are becoming more and more intelligent, with limitless potential. In the future, various tasks shall be performed by chatbots, replacing human in simple repetitive tasks, so that human can spend their time and effort on more complex ones. The chatbot holds the potential become an integral part of the company in connecting it with customers, playing a huge role in the development of the business, as well as help it save time, cost, and resource.


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