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Chatbot in e-commerce

January 10, 2020

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Here are the reasons why businesses operating in the field of e-commerce should invest immediately in Chatbot:

Customer service

One of the important steps that helps businesses connect with users is customer service. Chatbot was born and is helping businesses automate customer service, free human resources from simple, repetitive tasks. Counselors will focus on more important and complex tasks.

In the technology market, there are 2 types of chatbot: normal chatbot and chatbot integrated with AI. Particularly for e-commerce, businesses should choose to use Chatbot AI. Every day, e-commerce sites have thousands of requests from customers that need advice. Due to the integration of “Machine Learning” technology, Chatbot AI gradually becomes smarter. With unanswered questions, bot creators can train bots. Those questions will be updated by the bot, and the next time, if you encounter that question, Chatbot can completely answer.

For e-commerce sites, the huge amount of goods comes from many different stalls, for chatbot to advise and make appropriate choices for customers is not a simple task. However, for common problems, chatbots can handle and send accurate answers to customers. Some issues that concern customers that chatbot can advise such as:

  • Instruct users on how to make a purchase;
  • Guidelines for delivery and return policy: bot creators can train chatbot to understand how to confirm customer information correctly, or the rules that users need to know to exchange products;
  • The latest promotions, Flash Sale: bot creators provide and train bots to get the most accurate information about promotions that have been, are or are about to happen;
  • How to cancel an order;
  • Guidance on buying installment payment: This is one of the issues that customers are extremely interested. So how can buyers understand the criteria to be able to buy installments. The bot creator only needs to provide the information for the chatbot. From there, the bot easily advises customers in need quickly.

Any other questions that customers often ask, bot creators can “teach” bots how to answer. Chatbot responses will be based on frequently written frequently asked questions. Bot creators simply copy them to the bot and add keywords to link to the answers.

Check order schedule

Shoppers often want to know where their orders are, and where they have been shipped. Instead of logging into a website to check, you can ask for chatbots. Smart chatbots can completely answer these questions using the link to the API provided by the transporter. Chatbot will respond to your question in just 1 second.


In Vietnam, e-commerce website Sendo has used Virtual Assistant to support its customer service very quickly. Customers only need to enter the waybill code, the chatbot associated with the common database system will check and retrieve the status information of the order, then give an answer to the user. It all happened in seconds.

Place an order with Chatbot

Currently, many smart Chatbots have the ability to allow users to place orders at the chat interface.

First, bot creators start with a simple series of questions to guide users to find the product they need. When customers start shopping experience, bot creators can build a shopping cart for them.

Once selected, at the end of the chat, the bot creator can insert a CTA (Call To Action) button, allowing the buyer to confirm the products in the shopping cart before completing the application.

Thanks to the use of intelligent Chatbot with the ordering function, businesses have helped users save a lot of shopping time. This is really a useful feature for eCommerce sites.

Chatbot marketing can help improve transformation rates and help businesses improve customer service, as well as the ability to sell the stores on the e-commerce site. Taking a step forward, seizing the opportunity is one of the important factors that will help your business prevail in the e-commerce game.

Currently, FPT.AI Conversation is built and developed by the FPT Technology Innovation Department, under FPT Corporation, being evaluated as one of the most intelligent and easy to use bot platforms on the current technology market now on. FPT.AI Chatbot is integrated with artificial intelligence, the best NLP natural language processing technology in Vietnam. FPT.AI has become a partner of many companies and large corporations, providing many solutions to support businesses to free labor, optimize processes, bring great values and make it sustainable over time.

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