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Chatbot – Virtual assistant helps to address thousands of questions

January 6, 2020

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With the participation from industry giants such as Google, IBM, Microsoft to start-ups all over the world, the chatbot game is at its peak when a series of Bot platforms are born. In Vietnam, the most outstanding Chatbot platform developed by FPT Corporation, launched in early May, is called QnA Bot Maker. This is the foundation for creating free Q&A Chatbot built on the artificial intelligence system of FPT.AI with the capacity of natural language processing, especially the Vietnamese language. Bots created on this platform can accurately understand questions and provide answers based on data provided initially and can be “trained” to be smarter. The biggest advantage of QnA Bot Maker is that it has a graphical user interface, so it is suitable for all users including those with limited programming knowledge.

Tons of questions from different users can be solved at a glance by QnA Bot Maker’s Chatbot with just a few simple steps:

  • Create an Account.

Create an Account

  • Create a bot by manually entering questions – answers, download the available Excel file or copy the FAQ page URL on your website, then train the bot and select the integrated bot interface (Viber, Facebook Messenger or Livechat on website).

Create a bot

  • An example of human-bot conversation created by QnA Bot Maker.


The FPT.AI system also allows voice integration and helps the bot operate like an automatic switchboard so that when the client asks in voice, the bot will give the corresponding answer in text or voice.

Besides FPT, in Vietnam, there have been many other units that contribute to the enrichment of ChatbotVietnam ecosystem with a series of famous platforms to create the bot in the market such as virtual assistant Hana of Mideas, which can answer – take care – give consultancy – offer online sales 24/7; Messnow’s Hekate AI includes not only the Q&A feature but also a built-in application store with a variety of options including reading newspapers, playing games, editing photos; Or Harafunnel, a technology platform that allows users to create their own chatbot on Facebook Messenger and their website, and the chatbot automatically responds to a pre-set situation. All of these platforms are designed to help users, especially businesses, to solve customer care problems effectively when Bot is always ready to help customers answer with the correct message 24/7.

The Chatbot era is just beginning, but we have received many benefits using them. With growing technology, especially with the advances of artificial intelligence, we can fully expect that in the future, chatbot will not only help people answer every-aspect-of-life questions but can also help people to make decisions.

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