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Clicking Bot, NLP Bot – Which is the optimal choice for businesses?

May 7, 2020

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Chatbot has gained quite the worldwide popularity as we reached 2020. From its simplest form, chatbot has transformed considerably with integration of various advanced technologies. At the moment, we can find multiple types of chatbot, each meeting a different business demand, and the most well-known among those are Clicking Bot and NLP Bot. So, which is the perfect solution for businesses?

1. Clicking Bot – Directing customer behaviors

What is Clicking Bot? In simple words, Clicking Bot is a type of chatbot where users converse by clicking buttons/selections on a set menu, which will direct them to their matters of interest. Then, the Bot will respond appropriately with the customer choices, based on trained data.

Clicking Bot is often used at the beginning of conversations, after welcoming customers, to gather topics that the Bot can answer to. Through the process, users will also gain the most adequate and intuitive insight, to find the exact matter that they want to address.

As the most basic form of Chatbot, Clicking Bot uses simple technologies with easy configurations and therefore does not cost much time and effort. With only simple conversation bits and buttons to direct customers, Clicking Bot is the first frontier in helping the consultants understand the customers’ interests.


Vietnam Airlines’ Chatbot is a Clicking Bot that directs users from the welcoming step to understanding their demands. And all they need to do is clicking buttons.

However, no matter how carefully designed a Clicking Bot, it will not be able to solve all customer demands, as it cannot understand the contents of messages sent by the customer. This is always its most vital weakness.

2. NLP Bot – The breakthrough in customer experience

NLP Bot is a chatbot that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning technologies, which allows users to enter any questions they want, instead of being limited to buttons. Thanks to NLP, the chatbot can identify and understand the user intents, based of pre-trained data. Then, it will be able to correspond according. Data fields required in the training process includes: Samples, Intents, and Entities.

Businesses can use this type of chatbot to answer FAQs, give instructions, and inform customers of return/refund policies, or of information regarding new products or services… Should customers have any inquiry, or require any information, they can interact with the chatbot for an immediate respond. Therefore, NLP Bot helps consultants in manual, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks, freeing them up for more specialize matters. Furthermore, Machine Learning keeps the chatbot constantly updated and thus always smarter and understanding customers better.


Pika Chatbot of FPT Shop can accurately understand and answer to customer intents.

However, the NLP Chatbot can only provide simple information, while businesses expect it to be more versatile. As such, it is still not the optimal solution.

3. So, which is the most comprehensive chatbot solution?

Each type of Chatbot has its own advantages and disadvantages. But they all share a most important target: to bring a smooth and automatic corresponding interactive experience. While Clicking Bot can provide options for topics of interests, NLP Bot can understand customer intents, and bot builders had combined the two to make Dialog Management Bot, which optimizes the strengths and limits the weaknesses of both the Clicking Bot and the NLP Bot.

Now, users can enter their own questions, while still being directed to specific scenarios with buttons. Their demands will be suitable met, in the correct direction, enabling smooth and proactive interactions with the chatbot.


With NLP and Machine Learning derived from the NLP Bot, the chatbot can learn constantly to grow smarter. At the same time, this Dialog Management Bot can also remember conversational contexts.

In particular, when setting up the bot, bot builders can use Memory cards and manage variables, so that the chatbot can remember information on product/service/time/location… and answer in accordance with contextual information. This is an outstanding element in Dialog Management Bot, which makes conversations smooth, natural, and fluid, and users no longer have to recall a matter to have the bot understand them.

In Vietnam, the FPT.AI Conversation platform allows usage of all the above 3 types of chatbot, especially Dialogmanagement Bot. FPT.AI chatbots can learn and grow smarter by time, to meet all demands from simple to sophisticated from businesses.

Dialog management Bot form FPT.AI is also equipped with NLP of in-depth researches, and therefore attain the highest accuracy level of Vietnamese identification on the current market. Thus, FPT.AI’s Chatbots can understand users with up to 91,6% accuracy, and give quick appropriate answers.

In the near future, chatbot will become a necessity for businesses, with their superior abilities and practical benefits. Businesses, therefore, should choose and invest in a comprehensive chatbot building platform, which utilizes AI and other advanced technologies, in order to easily train their chatbot to grow smarter, while maintaining sustainability.


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