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Digitize paper-based processing in 1 second with FPT.AI

August 6, 2021

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Successful stories of FPT.AI Reader in practice

As part of the comprehensive solution ecosystem on FPT.AI platform using Artificial intelligence, FPT.AI Reader has brought productivity breakthroughs for dozens of businesses in many industries such as Finance, Insurance, Banking, Retail, Transport, etc.


With a huge customer database to handle and store everyday, OCR technology has proven its essential role in the banking industry. FPT.AI Reader’s strength is that it can be used in practice to digitize many procedures in banking such as processing customer records; digitizing documents, contracts, licences; electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC), supporting onboarding process, etc.FPT.AI Reader

FPT.AI Reader integrated into eKYC solution can help businesses verify customers quickly with high security and accuracy.

In 2020, MB Bank launched MB Family package – a product for families with promotion for each member. Customers opening the package need to provide their profiles, which includes these documents: Identity card of parents; Household/Certificate of marriage; Certificate of birth.

MB Bank believed in FPT.AI Reader and chose this solution to automatically extract information from register applications quickly and accurately. It also digitizes and accelerates the data entry process, improving customer experience. FPT.AI Reader has received positive feedback and appreciation from MB Bank, especially for the ability to recognize letters and numbers on ID Cards with high accuracy even with old and hard-to-read ones. Each day, FPT.AI Reader handles about 5000 requests for MB Bank and this number is still increasing.


A typical process in the insurance industry is the claim payment process. With FPT.AI Reader, insurance employees just need to do some simple actions to take photos and put them into the system, then all documents from personal information, hospital discharge papers, medicine bills, hospital bills to test results will be extracted and entered into their systems, thereby reducing data entry time, helping employees to focus on more specialized tasks.FPT.AI Reader

AIA Insurance integrates FPT.AI Reader into its Interactive Point of Sale app (iPos), helping its salespeople to quickly handle data entry and digitize customer information.

FPT.AI Reader is in charge of many important tasks such as:

  • Recognize and extract customer information on 5 different personal documents: 03 ID Cards, 1 certificate of birth, 1 certificate of marriage. These are required documents that every customer has to verify before registering for AIA’s insurance plans.  
  • Recognize important information fields in written documents, insurance contracts: Information fields are recognized and separated such as personal information, contract number, contract value, insurance duration, etc. 
  • Identify signatures in particular positions (eSignature): When applying for an insurance plan, customers have to sign at many positions in different kinds of contract. Some positions may be missed, as a result, there will be mistakes in this process. FPT.AI Vision solution can identify if there is any signature in required positions, so customers can promptly complete and avoid troubles later.

FPT.AI Reader

Thanks to FPT.AI Reader, the time spent for data entry is shortened from 3-4 minutes writing to 0.5 -1 second/photo. Customers no longer have to fill in forms themselves, and consultants do not have to enter data into systems, thereby saving time for profile processing and increasing productivity by 60%.

Customer information is digitized with over 95% accuracy and stored quickly in businesses’ CRM systems. Customer records are well-organized and easy to access when needed. FPT.AI Reader not only helps AIA reach outstanding operating performance but also reduce many costs for personnel, printing, storage, etc. The combination of OCR and AI even increases the security level for customer information.

* Transport

Having powerful core technology, FPT.AI Reader is chosen by Grab, the top ride hailing app in the world, to be integrated into its electronic customer verification process across 8 Southeast Asian countries with 2.8 million customers.

Previously, during its verification process, Grab’s partners (drivers) had to type manually each information field including full name, date of birth, address, ID card number, driver’s licence number, etc., then take photos of their identity documents, send them to the system and wait for account verification. This data entry process took too much time and usually had mistakes. With FPT.AI Reader, all of this cumbersome process is streamlined to take place in just a few seconds, making leaps in customer experience improvement.

FPT.AI Reader

Photo: Extract information on a driver’s licence.

Why is FPT.AI Reader the best choice for large businesses?

FPT.AI Reader is the most comprehensive and outstanding app for information extraction, which provides an end-user interface, allowing users to carry out the exact recognition and extraction process from their photos using templates or any forms of documents (contracts, invoices, etc.)


With available document resources, FPT.AI Reader allows users to quickly extract information on more than 30 types of documents, including personal documents such as ID cards, vehicle registration certificates, passports, etc., or documents in each industry such as finance and insurance. The whole process takes place in under 1 second with over 98% accuracy. With special types of documents in each sector/business or those not having templates, users can build their own models to recognize and extract their documents with these advantages:

  • Track and improve accuracy over time
  • Connect users’ systems/apps through API
  • A drag-and-drop interface, end-users do not need coding knowledge
  • Label data to get desired information field
  • Train models themselves according to each type of document
  • Easily add more document templates into training models

FPT.AI Reader

Clients can train their models themselves for each type of document by uploading at least 3 documents and labeling data that is needed. 

With the ability to recognize and extract unlimited types of documents, FPT.AI Reader is the top choice of businesses, organizations, and individuals for digitizing paper-based processing, helping businesses and users to minimize human resources, save money and boost productivity.

Businesses and individuals can implement an application for auto document recognition and extraction right away with FPT.AI Reader. Moreover, FPT.AI Reader’s users can use ALL templates in the library for free.

Visit the website to explore and experience right now.


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