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Dispel 3 prejudices about chatbot

September 16, 2020

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However, nowadays, many people still have misconceptions about the purposes and effectiveness of chatbot. Here are the 3 most common prejudices about chatbot:

1. Chatbot will completely replace humans

Chatbots are created working more effectively than humans. This concept is correct but has been misunderstood by many people that chatbot can completely replace humans. The integration of chatbot and many technologies allows chatbot to handle more complex problems. However, when meeting new queries or an unfamiliar context, it cannot solve problems and need help from humans. Chatbot has to send messages to supporters, who can directly deal with those problems. Therefore, human-chatbot symbiosis proves its existence. Humans create chatbots to be supported in simple, time-consuming and repetitive tasks so that they can focus on more specialized jobs.

Thanks to the integration with Machine Learning technology, bots can “learn” and remember new questions saved in the system to answer customers when meeting those questions again. As a result, chatbot gradually becomes smarter. As one of the most effective chatbots, chatbot Eva at HDFC bank processed more than 5 million queries and attracted more than 1 million new users with an accuracy rate of 85% as of June 2019.

Around the world, many banks are using chatbots as a powerful tool to minimize human labor. Chatbot replaces millions of customer supporters, answers billions of customers about service packages, interest rates, procedures, ATM/branch address, etc. Chatbot will be constantly upgraded to perform more challenging work such as credit payment, ticket booking, etc.


2. The ability of the chatbot is limited

Chatbots are operating in a certain number of areas around the world. Despite the increasing potential of chatbot with the advancement of NLP and AI, many people are still skeptical of its ability.

When chatbot platforms combine with more scientific studies, there will be more qualitative conversations on a larger scale.

Machine Learning technology helps chatbot continuously learn from the data provided by users, gradually become more active and respond faster.

While the global chatbot market is growing well, AI-powered chatbot with “self-study” ability emerges as a new standard with many areas of activities. Chatbot is not only useful for query processing and customer information aggregation but also the connection between businesses and customers as a virtual assistant.

Chatbot is widely applied in many areas such as finance, banking, education, tourism, healthcare, etc. For example, psychologist Aison Darcy has developed Woebot that advised more than 50,000 depression patients in the first week. Woebot has done a large amount of work that takes humans so much time to complete. It is estimated that there are up to 2 million conversations conducted per week on Facebook Messenger.


3. Chatbot is complicated

This is one of the most common prejudices about chatbot. Currently, with the increasing combination of software technologies and cloud computing, we can easily install chatbots into enterprise systems through APIs.

Chatbot appears in many different formats. It is built once through an available website, then deployed everywhere. Chatbot can be integrated into many popular messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger, Zalo, Viber, Livechat, etc. or any conversational interface of businesses.

Chatbot combining with cloud computing technology can help companies easily narrow or expand scale depends on the development level, support from thousands to millions of customers at the same time. 

Shortly, chatbot will keep growing strongly and become the core technology in many fields. Although it never completely replace humans, chatbot will gradually become popular in everyday life and be an indispensable companion of humans.

In Vietnam, FPT.AI Conversation is one of the first and most intelligent AI-powered chatbots on the market today.

What is FPT.AI Conversation?

Automate sales and marketing: Chatbot helps to easily build and manage conversations with customers according to customer journeys and automatically send information about promotions to them.

Understand your customers: Chatbot FPT.AI Conversation integrated with Machine Learning and NLP can understand each intent and request of customers, and follow every conversation history to provide customers the exact advice.

Enhance customer experience: Be available to support your customers anywhere, anytime, and always make sure customers do not have to wait even during peak hours.

Integrate into your business systems: Easily integrate into your business systems through APIs

Easily scale up with your business development: Support from thousands to millions of customers at the same time

Build once, deploy anywhere: Integrate into popular messaging channels like Facebook, website and any conversational interfaces of businesses.

Currently, FPT.AI Conversation has become the partner of many large domestic companies, effectively assisting them in maintaining and enhancing good connections with customers.


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