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Does digital banking need Virtual Agent for Call center?

May 27, 2020

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The emerging of digital banking is transforming transactional process and customer’s behavior in services. As a crucial tool in this trend, Virtual Agent can handle many automated tasks, helping reduce employees’ workload and enhance customer experience.

Imagine the world without Virtual Agent for Call center

Most banks have had their own call centers, instead of supporting customers through an intermediary, to ensure data security and provide dedicated care for their customers. However, are customers satisfied with the existing call centers?

Previously, call centers used to rely on IVR systems to support their customers. The IVR system listed a menu of information by a pre-recorded voice, then customers followed the voice instructions and pressed a key corresponding to their problems. The IVR system forwarded the call to agent or automatically processed simple tasks.

Customers wanted to contact to call centers to get support services. However, some drawbacks, such as complex number selection or lengthy instructions, could annoy them and hindered the whole process. Furthermore, sometimes, customers did not get the immediate answer or solution for their issues due to the absence of agent.

As for customers, waiting time and disrupted connection are the two biggest minus of traditional call centers. Despite 30 to 80 agents, call centers were often overloaded due to the large customer base. Customers had to make 2-3, or even dozens of calls, to connect to the agent to get support.

Another problem was that most IVR systems were not built on AI, thus, they didn’t have learning capabilities that today’s virtual voice assistant develops over time. In addition, they seemed slow, inefficient and strenuous, even though the customers’ questions had been repeated thousands of times.

FPT.AI Call Center

Technology creates demand for improved customer service

Today, as we are living in the hustle and bustle of modern life, we want to get a service that is fast, smart and convenient. Against that backdrop, traditional call centers need to adapt to the changes, providing better services for the increasing number of difficult customers. Recently, an effective solution called Virtual Agent is being integrated into the call centers of many large companies in the world, especially financial institutions and banks, making automated call center become a reachable goal for every business.

What is Virtual Agent?

Virtual agent is a platform that allows to build a Virtual Assistant for call centers. This Virtual Assistant can make two-way voice calls with customers and automate such tasks as making, receiving or forwarding calls (Smart IVR).

In Vietnam, one of the best options for banking virtual assistant is FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center. Based on the combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Voice recognition, Speech synthesis and NLP natural language processing, FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call center is gradually replacing traditional switchboards in many businesses.

FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call center can automatically make thousands of outbound calls and inform customers with essential information, such as announcement about card services, new promotion packages, attractive offers, due date reminder or survey on customer service.

In inbound calls, Virtual Agent can help customers to open an account, and look up such information as exchange rates, interest rates of savings account, product/service packages or promotions. Especially, as customers encounter some problems, for example, ATM card is locked/swallowed or they want to lock their lost cards instantly, they no longer have to wait and call back and forth to one another to get support from agents. With FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call center, every request is processed automatically and immediately.

Virtual Agent can handle 80% of manual and repetitive tasks in customer service. Therefore, it optimizes the productivity of agents, and the agents can have time to do other difficult tasks. This means Virtual Agent helps reduce the workload of call center and save operational costs for businesses.

Digital banking is an inevitable trend in banking and finance industry; and Virtual Agent is an essential tool for digital banks to improve customer service. In the near future, Virtual Agent will be integrated with many advanced technologies to become more intelligent, bringing great benefits to both banks and customers.


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