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FPT.AI performs the most superior solutions at Techday 2020

November 24, 2020

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As an annual event proving FPT’s position and competence, FPT Techday has been officially announced again. FPT Techday 2020 is held on both platforms, online event and offline event, on November 19th at GEM Center, HCM City. 

FPT.AI participates in the exhibition at Techday 2020

In the development journey, FPT.AI always set the ultimate goal of researching and creating the most advanced, useful and quality technology solutions to completely solve difficulties of businesses when integrating into the digital area. 

Artificial Intelligence technology has been applied very well by FPT.AI to practical solutions in the field of customer service, helping to optimize operation, reduce costs and boost productivity. At Techday 2020, FPT.AI brings in typical solutions to smart automation. 

1. Chatbot is a tool with the ability to interact with customers through messages in real time, 24/7/365. As a result, customers do not have to wait a long time to receive support from businesses. 

Equipped with AI, chatbots can learn by themselves to become smarter over time, understand customers’ intent and give accurate responses. Besides, chatbots also can perform many advanced tasks such as ordering, buying, making appointments, collecting user information and saving it in CRM systems of businesses. With the best Vietnamese Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the market, many top businesses in Vietnam have chosen and built chatbots on FPT.AI Conversation platform, namely TPBank, SHB Finance, VietinBank Insurance, FPT Shop, Tiki, VietnamAirlines, etc. 

2. Virtual Agent for Call Center is integrated with many superior technologies such as Deep Learning, Speech Synthesis, Speech Recognition technology. Therefore, FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center can understand human language and give responses with a natural-sounding voice. One of the businesses pioneering implementation of FPT Virtual Agent for Call Center to customer service call centers is the financial company Home Credit Vietnam. With only 1 Virtual Agent, Home Credit Vietnam saves hundreds of employees, thousands of labor hours and billions of operating costs. This significant benefit allows Home Credit to allocate human resources, spend time appropriately and make the most of human talents to create outstanding transformation. 

3. Speech technology: With the combination of Speech Synthesis, Speech Recognition technology and Natural Language Processing technology (NLP), the solution FPT.AI Text to Speech not only reads words accurately but also expressively, with a diversity of voices of regions, genders, etc. Text to speech service of FPT.AI has been applied to many areas to support human daily life such as reading e-newspapers, audiobooks, movie voiceover, video commentary, and especially benefits programs for visually impaired people. 

At Techday 2020, FPT.AI announces new voices with good quality, bringing a wide range of choices for diverse purposes of businesses. 

4. Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC): One can say that FPT.AI eKYC is one of the best eKYC solutions in Vietnam’s tech market at this time. Integrating with many advanced technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Face matching, Head-movement detection, FPT.AI eKYC creates a complete, secure customer identification process with an accuracy of up to 90%. FPT.AI has been providing eKYC solution to many large banks, businesses to simplify operational processes and optimize operating costs. 

Many large banks in Vietnam have used eKYC, allowing customers to open accounts online through eKYC and initially have positive feedback from customers. That shows the potential and possibility of a large-scale implementation of eKYC.

Highlights at FPT Techday 2020

This year, FPT Techday chooses the topic “Smart collaboration for productivity. With the participation of leading domestic and foreign experts, the issue of building the new normal, through multidimensional cooperation between Humans and Technology, will be discussed, explored, and presented in detail practically and usefully. Therefore, participants can grasp intelligent cooperation to make breakthroughs, boost productivity, reduce waste, as well as opening up a new opportunity to develop businesses, organizations and the community. 

The event promises to bring many valuable experiences to participants: a new form of event, the unique exhibition “on cloud” model first applied at FPT, renowned guests including leading technology experts and business managers, the show and update of latest technology trends. FPT Techday 2020 is forecasted to attract more than 5,000 participants, over 1,000 C-level managers and technology experts, more than 20 famous speakers and 1,000 candidates in technology competitions at the event. 


The platform for tech lovers to follow the online event. 

At the event, more than 30 exhibition areas will help visitors discover new values in multidimensional digital space and experience how the future world operates in many fields. The conferences will find the solution to the cooperation between humans and technology with tech experts in the world and the top business managers in Vietnam. 

Moreover, FPT Techday 2020 also offers participants the opportunity to experience exclusive services and 1:1 consultation with high-level technology experts to solve practical problems of digital transformation. Within FPT Techday 2020, tech arenas are also held for “gladiators” to answer the questions of the digital transformation journey, with a reward of 200 million dongs.

Starting in 2013, FPT Techday is a large and significant event held by FPT, connecting business managers and leading tech experts in the world and Vietnam to discuss new technology trends, find solutions to promote the development through technology applications. Every year, the event attracts the participation of thousands of managers, tech experts, and young tech lovers in Vietnam. 

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