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FPT.AI Virtual Agent – A powerful assistant for call centers

April 22, 2022

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1. FPT.AI Virtual Agent helps optimize operational performance

The wave of digital transformation is arising strongly and driving the development of voicebots in various industries. Particularly in E-commerce and Retail, Virtual agents make automatic calls to confirm delivery, warranty and receive claims. Meanwhile, in call centers of transport and travel companies, Virtual agents’ responsibility is to confirm booking and room information.

So how does FPT.AI Virtual agent help call centers optimize operational performance?

Firstly, FPT.AI Virtual agent allows businesses to build scenarios to automatically answer simple and repetitive calls. Thanks to that, businesses can use human resources for more difficult and complicated tasks instead of spending numerous employees on repetitive ones.

Secondly, voice bots minimize risks when an agent leaves since they support businesses to reduce costs of recruitment and training new employees, management, and quality monitoring.

Home Credit Vietnam has partnered with FPT.AI to create a “virtual employee” that serves hundreds of customers automatically according to two scenarios: 

🔍 Welcome call: FPT.AI Virtual agent automatically calls new customers to confirm their information, introduce products and transmit information to the management system.

🔍Pre-collection call: In this scenario, FPT.AI Virtual agent makes calls to perform specialized tasks when customers’ loans are due, and at the same time has two-way interaction to record the time, method and status of customers’ payments. 

Up to now, after more than 1 year of implementation, Home Credit Vietnam’s call center with the virtual agent has received many positive results, such as 2.000.000 automatic calls per month, reducing operating costs by 50%, reaching a call success rate of 98%.

2. FPT.AI virtual agent enhances the efficiency of customer support

Trợ lý ảo tổng đài

FPT.AI’s voicebot is integrated with the most advanced voice analysis technology in the market, such as Voice synthesis, Voice recognition, Natural language processing, etc. With Virtual agents for call centers, audio files sent from customers will be converted into text. Then the system will identify words and phrases to understand customers’ intent and give accurate responses by its natural voice. 

Thanks to that, customers not only receive fast responses but also can interact with FPT.AI virtual agent just like how they chat with their friends, instead of using buttons in traditional IVR. Moreover, FPT.AI Virtual agent has diverse voices with characteristics of diverse regions and genders, ensuring smooth interaction and customer satisfaction.

Besides, FPT.AI Virtual agent helps call centers categorize customers based on the phrases that describe the products/services they are interested in, the problems they feel unsatisfied about, etc. Thus, businesses can create appropriate marketing campaigns and suggest products that meet customers’ needs, thereby increasing their conversion rate.

3. FPT.AI Virtual agent helps businesses improve quality control process

In traditional call centers, the quality control process for each call usually takes 30 minutes. Administrators have to listen again and assess calls according to a long list of criteria. Because this process is completely manual, generally it is inefficient and time-consuming. That is why analyzers only randomly choose some calls out of thousands of calls every day. Therefore, it is obvious that the result cannot represent the whole system.

In contrast, with FPT.AI’s conversation management platform, all calls will be scored automatically based on businesses’ criteria, which are usually average processing time, deviation, call resolution and handover duration. It can be said that implementing an automatic analysis system is a breakthrough for the quality control process, helping call centers quickly assess mistakes and timely give solutions. 

The emergence of Virtual agents for call centers in general, and in particular, FPT.AI Virtual agent, has created positive changes and helped to change the face of businesses’ call centers. With 3 superior features, including Instant scalability, Fast integration and In-depth analysis, FPT.AI Virtual agent will be a powerful assistant for businesses to optimize their customer services. 



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