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FPT.AI White Paper: Operate An Intelligent Call Center with Conversational AI

February 14, 2023

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Automate 65% of call center tasks

Save up to 60% of operating costs per month

Handle 80% of customer queries

Create breakthroughs in the debt recovery process for organizations in banking-finance; the success rate of bad debt recovery is 52%

Increase revenue by tens of billions dong per month

Evaluate 100% of calls made and filter potential customers.

By looking at the experience in implementing intelligent call center models for billion-dollar businesses in both foreign and domestic markets, we hope the white paper can give an overview of the technology and a long-term investment plan, and businesses then can achieve sustainable growth and provide outstanding customer experience in the digital age.


👉Contact for consulting on FPT.AI Solution Set:

☎ Hotline: 1900 638399

📩Email: [email protected]

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