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FPT.AI White Paper: Voicebot – AI-Powered Virtual Agent

September 28, 2021

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Based on our experience implementing AI-powered virtual agents for leading businesses in Vietnam, FPT.AI published a white paper titled “AI-powered voicebots as virtual agents – Amplify productivity for call centers in the Finance, Banking, Insurance industry.” This publication will help businesses to accomplish their twin goals: Optimize productivity and enhance customer experience.

In the white paper, we provide:

✔️ Practical use cases and challenges of Finance – Banking – Insurance businesses in Vietnam during Covid-19 pandemic

✔️ How do FPT.AI voicebots work?

✔️ Success stories of companies implementing AI-powered voicebots 

✔️ The future and long-term vision of voicebots and digital transformation with AI

DOWNLOAD NOW: Fill in the form below to download the papper. 

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