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How Chatbot will help businesses save money?

October 13, 2020

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Why will chatbot help businesses cut down on operating costs? Here are 3 reasons why chatbot is an essential tool for every company to optimize spending.

Chatbot supports around 80% of FAQs 

FPT.AI Chatbot is built on Artificial Intelligent, integrated with many advanced technologies such as Machine learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) specialized for Vietnamese. Therefore, FPT.AI Chatbot is considered as the best Vietnamese chatbot in the market. Chatbot is being used to automatically handle 80% of frequently asked questions from customers such as information about products/services, store location, etc. Bot creators can easily set up bots for these common questions in FPT.AI bot creation interface:

Thanks to chatbot, the elementary workloads of customer service agents reduce significantly, so businesses can optimize the use of human resources, allocate and modify jobs. Human supporters also have to enhance their abilities to meet the qualifications for higher-level jobs and the rigorous requirements of customers.

In addition, FPT.AI chatbot will have more and more features following practical problems of each business. AI-powered chatbot can connect to the CRM system to access user information, look up purchased services, etc. Although chatbot cannot solve all problems as flexibly as humans, it is becoming more intelligent, more useful and qualified for more tasks.

Chatbot supports marketing activities to increase sales

Chatbot is still a new technology. In recent years, when it has had Artificial Intelligent (AI), many businesses and large corporations around the world have pioneered chatbot applications in customer service, marketing, selling, etc.

Chatbot is the first “virtual employee” to interact with customers. Therefore, bot creators can build automated conversations to introduce its features to new customers and navigate users. Moreover, AI-powered chatbot can collect customer information to provide personalized customer service and categorize customers.

This feature can be easily set up for FPT.AI chatbot by Tag topic card. Tagging topics that customers concern about by Tag card maximizes the efficiency of customer service, supports marketing to meet the needs of customers, increases conversation rate and boosts sales.

Chatbot FPT.AI

As an example, SHB Finance is using FPT.AI chatbot in the first steps of customer service. Besides accessing information about products/services, customers can register for consumer loans through chatbot. They only need to provide personal information including Full name, date of birth, phone number, ID Card and address. SHB Finance shares that within 3 months of applying FPT.AI chatbot, the virtual agent “Sau Tai Chinh” helped to inform thousands of customers, support 90% of customers’ requests. Moreover, chatbot attracts more than 10% of potential customers in online marketing channels.

Chatbot cannot undertake all business activities. However, it can fully conduct simple but important jobs, which are repetitive but indispensable in the operational process. After training, chatbot can smoothly handle many tasks to reduce operating costs for businesses. It also helps customers save time and effort because they can ask bots in any familiar platform instead of searching on the Internet. 


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