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How to install conversation rating feature for bots

July 9, 2020

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Besides the friendly bot setup interface, integrating easily Add-ons to help chatbot do more useful tasks is an outstanding advantage of FPT.AI chatbot creation platform. One of those Add-ons is Rating.

Pika Chatbot of FPT Shop is one of the businesses that have applied this add-on very well in the customer service process of a chatbot. After each consultation session with customers, the chatbot automatically sends a user a satisfaction rating survey, with a 5-star scale. And surprisingly, all customers quickly give their reviews quickly and fairly, whether it be 1 star or 5 stars. As a result, FPT Shop will correctly evaluate the “work” outcome of the chatbot to make modifications and additions to improve the quality of bots.

Chatbot FPT.AI

To install the Rating add-on for a chatbot, follow these steps:

1. Manage Add-ons

               – Add 1 new Rating

               – Add detailed reports for the Rating category

2. Manage Bot

               – Choose a bot to set up the feature

               – Set Variable

               – Set constants

               – Set the bot feedback condition

               – Set the script

Detailed instructions

1. Manage Rating Add-ons

To add Rating add-ons, the first thing you need to do is visit: Log in with your FPT ID account. Then add Add-ons by following these steps:

Step 1: Add a new Rating

Enter Rate Name and Rate Descriptions then click Save to finish creating a new Rating.Chatbot FPT.AI

Step 2: Copy the token

Click on the Copy icon to copy the token. This token is used to connect bots to add-ons.Chatbot FPT.AI

Step 3: Get detailed statistics for a Rating category

          – Click on the statistics icon to see detailed reports

Chatbot FPT.AI


           – Statistics include:

                   + Name: Name of category

                   + Total rates: Total reviews

                   + Mean Rate: Average rate

                   + Rating report: This section will display the list of users rating the bot with full information.

Chatbot FPT.AI

2. Manage Bot 

To setup the Rating category for a chatbot, visit Log in with your FPT ID account. After selecting a bot to set up Rating Add-ons, follow these steps:

Step 1: Set the variable

In the Conversation Management section, select Set variables and add a list of variables as below:

Chatbot FPT.AI

List of variables to install:Chatbot FPT.AI

Step 2: Set constants

          – Click Set Constants and Add Constants.

Chatbot FPT.AI


           – Enter the constant name token with the value of the constant is the token code copied in step 2 of the Rating Add-ons Management section.

           – Click on the Save icon to complete the constant setting.

Step 3: Set the conditions for the bot to give the Rating suggestion

In the Remind Script, add conditions for the Bot to respond.

In this case, the time setting is 10 minutes. After 10 minutes without any request from users, the bot will understand that users have ended the conversation and suggest users rate the bot.

Chatbot FPT.AI

After setting the condition, add a suggestion to invite users to rate the bot with a quick feedback card. Enter text for the bot sent to the user.

Step 6: Add a JSON card to connect variable values ​​with Add-ons Rating via API

• Add JSON card

• Method: POST


Authorization: Bearer {{token}}: Copy the token code in the Add-ons Rating page

Variables: sender_id, session_id, app_code, gatheringlevel, comment

Chatbot FPT.AI

Step 4: Add a step that returns results to users

• Create Result step

• Add JSON card

• Method: GET


Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

Variable: app_code

Chatbot FPT.AI

  • Create content that summarizes the final answer to send to users with a text card.

Chatbot FPT.AI

Chatbot FPT.AI

Full content of bot answers to send to users

 Step 5: Create a bot review step

         – Create Rate Processing step

         – Select Quick Response Card and enter the answer.

Chatbot FPT.AI

           – Add buttons: Add 5 buttons for 5 rating levels

             Cài đặt nút:

             Button settings:

                      + Function: Step

                      + Name: 1 star

                      + Action: Result

                      + Attached data: {“set_attributes”: {“composedlevel”: “1”}}

Chatbot FPT.AI

           – Click Create to complete button addition.

           – Similarly, you make 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars buttons.

Chatbot FPT.AI

So, you have completed the most basic steps to install Rating Add-ons for chatbot like FPT Shop’s Pika chatbot. Depending on each context, you can create scripts using different Rating features for a variety of purposes.

Good luck!


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