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Insurance: Optimize customer experience by chatbot

October 8, 2020

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AI Chatbot is the chatbot built on Artificial Intelligence platform. It can communicate with customers through online messaging apps to support customers 24/7. Compared to a few years ago, AI ​​chatbot becomes more intelligent, understands user intent with a high accuracy rate and automatically handles many important tasks for businesses.

Here are 3 pieces of evidence that smart chatbot is changing customer experience, giving customers truly natural conversations.

Chatbot guides customers to solve the right problems

In the insurance industry, chatbot performs many tasks in customer service such as answering frequently asked questions, consulting on insurance packages, collecting customer information. As a powerful tool, chatbot participates in many steps of a marketing campaign, from drawing customers’ attention, taking care of customers during and after purchase, to increasing customer conversions.

However, for the first time using chatbot, users may not know how to start and what it can do. Therefore, scenario creators play the utmost important role. Bot creators should show chatbot’s functions from the very first steps so that customers can easily choose and navigate themselves.

Chatbot FPT.AI

For example, VietinBank Insurance chatbot introduces the most important and common issues in the first steps.

An overview of what chatbot does and available options make customers experience more pleasant and positive. Businesses should consider frequently asked questions and the most popular insurance/service packages to introduce to customers as soon as the conversation begins.

Chatbot performs many personalized insurance operations

Front-line automation is one of the inevitable trends in customer service. It means that chatbots will be integrated into online messaging platforms to automatically support customers from the first steps.

With chatbots built on Artificial Intelligence (AI), businesses can set up a variety of scenarios and handle specialized insurance operations such as: looking up information about purchased insurance packages, reminding payment schedule, updating accounts, tracking payment progress, etc.

Businesses can provide the best customer service with personalized experiences by connecting chatbot to customer relationship management system (CRM) through APIs. When customers ask for the information about their purchased insurance packages, chatbot will access CRM, then automatically give accurate responses about their insurance policies.

Chatbot helps customers experience omnichannel

Businesses can provide a convenient and seamless customer experience with the integration of chatbot and many different channels such as Facebook Messenger, LiveChat on Website, Viber, Mobile apps, etc. Customers just need to synchronize their accounts to synchronize all conversations with chatbot on multiple channels, thereby easily review chat history or continue chatting with chatbot.

Besides, chatbot can expand the connection between customers and many different channels. If the requests from customers can be answered by available information on business website, chatbot provides users the link to the website instead of a long answer. One can say that chatbot is an intelligent search engine that can answer questions or navigate customers to get the most correct and complete answers, or even to connect them directly with human customer supporters.

Automation is the trend and optimizing customer experience is an important determinant of business growth. Providing automation in customer experience is a smart choice, a solid springboard to build strong relationships with customers and win customer trust.

FPT.AI Conversation is the leading smart Chatbot building platform in Vietnam. Possessing strong core technologies (FPT.AI’s Natural Language Processing Technology has won the first place in AI competition in Japan in 3 language categories: Vietnamese, English, Korean), FPT.AI confidently promises to bring quality, appropriate and optimal solutions for Vietnamese businesses. FPT.AI’s consultants who understand consumers in Vietnam’s market will always accompany and support businesses to build the most effective scenarios for chatbot. Contact us right now for an in-depth consultation.

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