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Launching FPT.AI Reader Flex – The next level of digitizing documents

January 29, 2022

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In FPT Corporation’s largest tech event – FPT Techday 2021, FPT Smart Cloud showcased new generation FPT.AI Reader Flex. It is considered the unlimited, flexible and smartest platform for document extraction and digitization in Vietnam’s market today.

A leap in document digitization technology

In the new product launching session within FPT Techday 2021, FPT Smart Cloud introduced FPT.AI Reader Flex platform, an advancement of technology to extract data from images, with the combination of state-of-the-art AI technologies: Optical character Recognition (OCR) and Natural language processing (NLP). Reader Flex is expected to enhance up to 70% of performance in document processing of businesses. 

Digitizing documents, extracting data from hard copies into digital form is a crucial issue in businesses to optimize their operational processes. Previously, this was usually a manual task with low performance, high error rate and took too much working hours. Storing data without a process and standard leads to the waste of important data and resources. The costs of data preservation and space for data storage are also problems of many large businesses. 

With Optical character recognition technology (OCR), this problem becomes easier to solve. According to Grandview Research’s 2021 study, the ORC product and solution market is predicted to reach USD 8.9 billion (2021) and have a CAGR of 16.7% (2021 – 2028). This shows the importance of digitizing documents to keep up with the digitalization trend in the market. 

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                                    FPT Smart Cloud introduced FPT.AI Reader Flex platform at Techday 2021

Looking straight at the unsolved “knot” in the process of handling documents, data entry and digitizing documents, FPT.AI has researched and enhanced traditional OCR technology by integrating it with artificial intelligence (AI) to create new generation FPT.AI Reader Flex solution. Equipped with the most advanced Natural language processing (NLP), FPT.AI Reader Flex is the data extraction platform that has the ability to handle all types of documents with high performance and outstanding accuracy.

The superior strength of FPT.AI Reader Flex, in comparison with other OCR tools in the market, is the capability to flexibly process unstructured documents while other OCR tools can only extract data from structured documents or common forms, such as ID card, driver licenses. FPT.AI Reader Flex handles most documents with complex structure: invoices, applications, contracts, quotation, etc. It ensures data digitization and smooth data transference through all business systems.  FPT.AI Reader Flex has a self-service platform with simple and user-friendly interface, helping users to create OCR APIs themselves without coding skills. FPT.AI Reader Flex reduces maximally “human force” in the training process by the mechanism to automatically collect user responses and adjust models through Active Learning.


                                                             Video – Demo of FPT.AI Reader Flex



Video – Demo FPT.AI Reader Flex


FPT.AI Reader Flex – Smart assistant for data entry and processing in businesses

Digitizing documents is the first and crucial step to prepare entry data to automate operational process. Finance-banking, insurance, administration, transportation, retail, etc. are the industries being buried in paperwork everyday. FPT.AI Reader Flex solution initially simplifies and shortens time spent on declaration, verification and data entry. Businesses can easily digitize a large number of documents in a short time with high accuracy.

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                     FPT.AI Reader Flex – smart assistant for data entry and processing in businesses

In the insurance field, FPT Smart Cloud is the OCR provider of 2 leading insurance companies in Vietnam, performing about 111,000 data extraction queries per month. FPT.AI Reader is chosen by the top ride-hailing app in South East Asia and used in customer and driver verification processes. This app is available in 4 countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam with more than 600,000 queries per month. 

FPT.AI Reader Flex is the powerful assistant of every business. All cumbersome data entry process will be streamlined to take only a few seconds, and thus reduce 70% of the time spent on manual work of employees, save costs and most importantly, systematize, preserve and store data efficiently – the essential “asset” of every business in the digital era, improve user experience, accelerate digital transformation, optimize human resources to grow sustainably with tech development.

FPT Smart Cloud (FCI) – a subsidiary of FPT corporation, is the leading AI-powered and Cloud Computing-based solution provider in Vietnam. FPT.AI is the comprehensive artificial intelligence platform, providing optimal AI-powered solutions for automation process and digital transformation of businesses. 

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