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“Lead nurturing” tactics with chatbot

November 30, 2020

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What are the benefits of lead nurturing tactics? 

The concept of lead nurturing has been long familiar to everyone. To put it simply, it is the process of pursuing, taking care of and turning people who have demands into customers. This process can be long and only finishes when customers make a purchase. 

It can include many marketing activities in the form of websites, blogs, emails, online publications, and directly has an impact on customers’ perception. 

Lead nurturing is conducted by providing precise information to customers in each segment, targeting their interests. A chatbot is a great tool for that since it helps to classify customers automatically, saving your resources as much as possible.

So what benefits will lead nurturing tactics bring to businesses? 

1. Impress customers: 

Sending information that is of customers’ interest will help your business create a positive impression. Or offering an appropriate advertisement and experience also make customers feel respected, and thus remember your brand. When they have the intent to buy, they will immediately think of you and make a purchase.

2. Build a great relationship with customers

A right lead nurturing tactics means that you understand customer psychology, and thereby creating a close relationship with customers. 

Through chatbots, you can easily collect customer information, then have suitable marketing campaigns to attract them. 

3. Increase sales

When having a good impression and solid relationship between customers and businesses, it is natural that sales increases. 

Lead nurturing tactics help customers feel satisfied after purchasing products/services and return, and become loyal customers, as well as introducing new customers. 

Note when carrying out lead nurturing tactics with chatbots: 

  • Share information that is helpful to customers
  • Share helpful advice related to the products/services customers are using 
  • Notify customers of new products, promotions. This not only attracts customers to new products but also makes them potential customers. 
  • Through messages, highlight important features of products/services. 

4. Adjust content for each customer segment

Depending on each customer segment, their demands for receiving information are different. Therefore, you need a suitable nurturing tactic for each customer segment with distinct messages. 

5. Interact with customers at an appropriate time 

  • Always follow customers’ requests to have customer satisfaction of services
  • Interact with customers based on the products/services they use
  • Choose the time to interact with customers depending on their demands for products. For example, when customers need a product, businesses should have more interactions to introduce the product and for marketing activities. If they do not have any need, the interval of interactions should be longer to avoid annoying them. 
  • When there are new products and promotions, promptly notify customers of them. 

Steps to build a lead “nurturing” tactic with chatbots

Below are our suggestions on how to build a lead nurturing tactic with a chatbot. Hope to help you in finding a suitable one.

Step 1: Get to know customers

Building a tactic to nurture customers need an understanding of who they are. You can create a customer portrait by questions: Who are they? Where are they? What do they like? What are their interests? 

Thus, you know their needs and list what you can do for them. Understanding customers also determines your target. This target will change according to different customers and customer segments.  

Step 2: Determine an appropriate nurturing tactic

For each customer segment, there is a need for a distinct nurturing tactic

For example: 

  • Customers who approach business for the first time: Push information about products and business. 
  • Customers who ask about products but are still considering: Send them feedback from previous customers to gain their trust, or give them information about promotions to encourage them to buy immediately.
  • Return customers: Send them information about promotion policy on introducing new customers, or update policy for loyal customers, or send information about new products. Sometimes, just sending birthday wishes can make them delight. 

Step 3: Write scenarios and implement


After finishing the two steps above, you start writing scenarios in detail and implement the plan. 

Step 4: Monitor and assess the efficiency

After implementing nurturing tactics, efficiency monitoring and assessment need conducting to improve to achieve the best result. 

Lead nurturing is a solution to boost conversion for your business and the best way to retain your potential customers. It strengthens the preference and connection between customers and your business, aiming to the final objective is to stimulate them to return. Therefore, you need lead “nurturing” tactics with suitable chatbots to enhance conversion at each stage. 

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