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Legal chatbot – “smart virtual lawyer” in the legal industry

November 30, 2020

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The advancements of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology (NLP) have promoted law firms to apply advanced conversational solutions while the market is increasingly competitive. Some companies in the legal industry start using chatbots to provide free legal advice services, automate routine and tedious jobs, helping to enhance productivity, optimize costs and resources. 

What is a chatbot? 

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), a chatbot is a software that supports customers online 24/7 through text conversations on messaging platforms. Thanks to developed technologies, AI Chatbot can handle more complex activities such as frequently asked questions and specialized tasks in each business area. 

Currently, chatbots in the legal field are designed mainly to fulfil these tasks: 

Chatbots schedule meetings between Clients – Lawyers

Arranging meetings between clients – lawyers is a regular and mandatory activity of a law firm. This basic task does not require high specialization but much time to handle. Chatbots, with the ability to completely automate the first step of the consultation process by questions and receiving answers, help to shorten the initial screening process. Chatbots collect and give legal consultants users’ responses so they can have a general view of clients’ requests, as well as having better preparation before appointments with clients.

Chatbots give basic legal advice

Sometimes, clients need basic legal information before 1-1 consultation with professional lawyers. In these cases, legal chatbots are very helpful because they can answer elementary inquiries of clients with in-depth, accurate knowledge and are easy to use. Businesses only need to create question – answer scenarios with keywords corresponding to common legal topics, and then chatbots can automatically answer right in real time when clients send messages to systems. In addition, Button scenarios are also highly effective as clients can easily refer to legal documents with just a few clicks. Chatbot FPT.AI

Chatbots advise anonymous users

At the initial level of legal consultation, many clients want anonymity to avoid feeling awkward and have the most honest conversations. Chatbots on Website Chat are a great solution when allowing users to not reveal their identity and still chat normally with chatbots and consultants. This model has been the choice of many clients because it is convenient, anonymous while ensuring meeting the needs for advice of users. After that, when users want to discuss in detail and have 1-1 consultation with professional lawyers, they can provide information, and chatbots will make appointments easily. 

Chatbots build trust between businesses – clients


Legal chatbots extend working hours beyond office hours with the ability to advise 24/7/365, including on public holidays. That helps consulting businesses to build solid trust in the availability at any time, anywhere, ensure that clients can believe in businesses. Besides, chatbots’ responses are all carried out in real time, helping all clients, from new to existing ones, have a high quality, seamless and instant experience. As a result, the relationship between client – business becomes stronger and closer. 

FPT.AI Conversation platform has built leading smart chatbots in Vietnam’s market. Chatbots on FPT.AI Conversation platform, integrated with the best Vietnamese Natural Language Processing in Vietnam’s market, gain the trust and are using by many large companies and corporations. FPT.AI chatbots can understand the languages and context of conversations in Vietnamese, bringing a natural, flexible experience to users. 

With advanced technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, chatbots built on FPT.AI platform have extremely useful features. Not only is it a usual question and answer tool, but FPT.AI chatbot also can work as a personal assistant of each user with features such as scheduling meetings, setting reminders and suggesting related policies. By automating many steps in customer service, chatbots help businesses save money, optimize time and resources. As a part of Smart collaboration between Humans and Machines, chatbots encourage businesses to integrate and develop sustainably in the wave of 4.0 technology that is happening powerfully around the world. 


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