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Newest updates and additional features in FPT.AI Conversation

January 9, 2020

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Some of the best new updates and features to the chatbot platform include:

1. Statistics

The “Statistics” feature is a highlight of the new version, as it offers great assistance to bot owners and builders in increasing customer interaction and making in-time adjustments to the chatbot’s contents and operations.

The FPT.AI development team had also added a dashboard along with the set fixed-time statistics, which allows bot managers to track real-time bot indexes.

The major index number of requests (or messages) from customers are now divided into messages with bot and messages with admins.

Furthermore, integration of different chat platforms also means that managers can choose to display statistics in different platforms and bot types.

Display of detailed statistics on chatbot’s performance.

2. Script

This is an important feature to the FPT.AI bot builder platform, which allows users to build bots for a diverse set of scenarios. An effective script will lead to effective counselling and data extraction from customers, as well as business-oriented customer care. Scripts can be of multiple forms: text, still or gif images, videos, sets of pictures, and even cards with conditional variants or APT-connected to a business service/third party.

For a more intuitive view on conversational flow and possible conversational incurrences bot builders, FPT.AI team has developed the Scenerio Map, along with the special feature of “Request for Location.” In the latter feature, the end users (or customers) can set their location to get bot suggestion based on it. This is extremely useful for branch businesses and local branches, as customers can easily find the branch closest to them.

Scenerio Map – An intuitive script map.

3. Live Support

In recognition of the role of human in customer care and counseling, FPT.AI remains flexible so that customers can get human assistance the moment the bot become inefficient. Live Support caters to this exact specific purpose. The feature is an updated version of the “Message management” function, and allows administrators to turn bots on and off for each customers via different platforms. In essence, when the end users require further assistance, the bot will immediately be shut down, notifications for immediate customer care will appear. Furthermore, conversations between customers and admins can be stored and redirected to other assisting emails, which will be of great help to businesses that utilize emails in receiving and processing information from customers.

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