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OCR and the importance of digitization

October 30, 2020

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What is OCR?

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a tool to automate data entry and document digitization, especially for identity documents. Only through photos and without any support tool, OCR can quickly convert paper-based documents into digital ones on computers. 

Unlike normal scan technologies that only generate photos, OCR with Artificial Intelligence can read the information in photos and provide editable text. Due to this difference, more and more businesses are applying OCR to their business models to handle tasks related to data entry and information management. 

OCR helps to retrieve data quickly – enhance customer experience

OCR technology can significantly improve service response time for tasks such as answering inquiries, logistics and sales problems. When customers need support, employees have to find their profiles and collate, edit or update information. Digitizing data by OCR allows employees to work outside their offices and avoid spending hours searching among thousands of documents. In just 2 seconds with 1 click, customer data is displayed on screens thanks to digitization and Cloud storage. Therefore, the time needed to support customers reduces, and employees can spend their time and effort in consulting and support customers. The ability to respond faster to a larger number of customers is proportional to the number of satisfied customers, thereby creating great impacts on performance and profit.OCR

OCR ensures the synchronization of data

Being digitized by OCR technology, documents and customers’ profiles are stored in digital form in Cloud storage instead of papers in filing cabinets. Every employee granted authority or in the same computer network can easily access, search for and edit information. Moreover, edited data is also synchronized in all computers having the same Cloud storage. This strength was an absolute advantage in the Covid-19 social distancing. Employees sharing the same Cloud storage can easily access and share information about customers. Furthermore, when an employee edits or updates profiles, the data is synchronized in all devices, assuring consistency and accuracy of the information in the business database.

OCR mitigates information security risks 

Although fire accidents, natural disasters have a low incidence, they are on the list of uncontrollable risks. In response to them, OCR is advantageous to create powerful protection for the valuable database of businesses. Risks related to fire and natural disasters usually affect most paper-based documents and even destroy them. However, businesses can ensure data safety when storing them in digital form in Cloud storage.

Besides, when using OCR to digitize information, businesses can easily back up all data by copying them and creating backup storage, thereby avoiding data loss or data error. It should be noted that the backup storage needs encoding and high security and access permissions to this storage need controlling.

Generally, OCR and digitization are gradually becoming an inevitable trend in the long-term development strategies of many businesses. However, the characteristic of Vietnamese with accented letters makes information identification and extraction difficult for imported technologies. The leading solution to digitize Vietnamese documents is FPT.AI Vision – a strategic product of FPT Smart Cloud that has powerful OCR technology with an accuracy of 98%. FPT.AI Vision is cooperating with many large businesses in the country and area to bring digital power to Vietnamese enterprises. FPT.AI Vision can extract information in identity documents (ID Card, Passport, Driver’s license, etc.), invoices, profiles and any specific documents of businesses. Contact FPT.AI to get a consultation with the best experts of FPT. 


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